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Graduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)


Interdisciplinary Courses

The School of Professions sponsors a graduate course whose interdisciplinary content is applicable to students in many programs, both in the School of Professions and beyond. For information, contact Ms. Colleen Donaldson, Grants Development Director, (716) 395-5118 or Dr. Diane Elliott, School of Professions, 204 Faculty Office Building, (716) 395-5654.

PRO 510 Grants Writing. A basic, practical, how to course for the beginning grants writer. Includes types of funding sources, how to identify funding sources, and how to write foundation and government proposals. Requirements include writing a brief sample proposal. No required prerequisites. Appropriate for all majors. 1 Cr. Every Spring and Summer.

Developmental Disabilities Certificate Program

The purpose of the Developmental Disabilities Certificate Program is to provide education for persons planning to or working with children and adults who are developmentally disabled. It affords the opportunity for those who have already completed baccalaureate programs to broaden their knowledge and expertise in providing for the needs of this population. The certificate program can also be integrated with an existing master's program.

The curriculum consists of eighteen credit hours of courses: nine credit hours of core courses, a three-credit hour internship, and six elective credits. To be eligible for the internship, students must have completed a minimum of two core courses and one elective course or receive permission of the instructor. The internship consists of six hours at the internship site and one hour of classroom time per week.

Courses are offered at a variety of sites and times suited to adult learners. Sites include SUNY College at Brockport, the MetroCenter, Finger Lakes Developmental Disabilities Service Office, Lifetime Assistance, Inc., and Continuing Developmental Services, Inc.

Core Courses

PRO 550 Developmental Disabilities: A Lifespan Perspective (A). Examines the human lifespan on an age continuum with an emphasis on developmental disabilities. Explores theories of development during nine stages of the human lifespan, each stage covering social, psychological, physiological, and spiritual development of both normal development and that of people with developmental disabilities. 3 Cr.

PSH 638 Developmental Disabilities (A). Provides in-depth coverage of selected topics of contemporary relevance to theory and practice in the field of developmental disabilities. Issues include community integration of persons with developmental disabilities, prevention, advocacy, and special populations such as autism, behavior disorders, sensory impairments, epilepsy, etc. 3 Cr.

EDC 518 Conferencing Skills (A). Explores the knowledge and skills related to conferencing with consumers, families, and others. Includes communication models with an emphasis on applying the knowledge to conferencing skills. Entails demonstrations, simulations, and role-playing activities. 3 Cr.

PRO 604 Developmental Assessment (A). Examines various developmental theories and applies them to all aspects of human development from conception to death. Focuses on alterations in development in the developmentally disabled population. 3 Cr.


PRO 600 Developmental Disabilities Internship (B). Affords students the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in core and elective courses in a setting which serves individuals with developmental disabilities. Experiences are coordinated with students' educational objectives and career goals. 3 Cr.


Courses which are consonant with the studentŐs educational and professional goals may be chosen in consultation with the student's advisor.

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