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Undergraduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)

Department of Counselor Education

184 Faculty Office Building
(716) 395-2258

Chairperson: Joseph R. Kandor; Distinguished Service Professor: Kandor; Professor: Jeremiah Donigian; Associate Professors: Muhyi Shakoor, H. Jayne Vogan; Assistant Professors: Thomas Hernandez, Signe Kastberg, Susan R. Seem.

The department does not offer an undergraduate academic major. A few courses, however, are offered for the undergraduate student.

key Counselor Education Courses

EDC 201 Career/Life Planning (B). For adults desiring to determine future goals. Allows students to assess their ideal goals, interests, abilities and skills through class discussion, assigned readings and papers. Allows students to decide on future directions. 1 Cr.

EDC 301 Introduction to Counseling (B). Explores the philosophical basis of counseling. Requires students to identify and understand five counseling theories and five interpersonal skills, and to demonstrate basic competence in interpersonal relations. 3 Cr.

EDC 302 Achieving Helping Relationships in College Residence Halls (B). Explores the role and responsibilities of the college resident assistant. Allows students to develop and practice the skills of assertiveness, conflict management, empathic listening, helping, self-awareness and self-disclosure. Allows these skills to be applied to the college environment and to current issues facing college resident assistants. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

EDC 418 Conferencing S kills (B). Allows students to identify and understand four communication models, demonstrate facilitative communication responses, and demonstrate an effective conference. 3 Cr.

EDC 427 Facilitating Successful Aging (B). Examines the aging process with an emphasis on the later stages of life. Gives special attention to: age transitions and the various meanings attached to growing old and being old, elements and obstacles regarding successful aging and special contributions of past and present elders, and social/environmental/cultural supports/hindrances. Also examines helping skills appropriate to the older population, and importance of helper attitudes and sensitivities toward growing older themselves. 3 Cr.

EDC 499 Independent Study in Counseling (B). To be defined in consultation with the instructor sponsor and in accordance with the procedures of the Office of Academic Advisement before registration. 1-3 Cr.

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