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Undergraduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)

Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary minors offered:


Interdisciplinary Minor: Asian Studies

Director: Kazumi Nakano; Executive Committee Members: Inaam A. Al-Hashimi, Sachio Ashida, Sri Ram V. Bakshi, Betty W. Chan, Oh Kon Cho, Salahuddin Malik, Kazumi Nakano.

Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary minor of 21 credits, is designed to make students more knowledgeable about Asian societies and cultures in order to increase students' understanding, appreciation, and competence. This program will benefit organizations which employ college graduates who have acquired knowledge on Asia. Asian-American students can enhance their future career possibilities while strengthening their cultural and ethnic identity.

The curriculum consists of the following courses:

Core Courses (2 courses, 6 credits)
HST 387 Asian Survey
CMC 418 Cross-cultural Communication

Language Requirement (6 credits)
One of the following languages:
CHN 111 Beginning Chinese I
CHN 112 Chinese II
JPN 111 Beginning Japanese I
JPN 112 Japanese II

The language requirement may be met in any Asian language including the above by demonstrating competency in these languages.

Electives (9 credits)
Any three courses from the following or other recommended courses:
ANT 330 World Poverty and Economic Underdevelopment
ENL 365 Asia and the West
HST 361 History of Japan
HST 363 Islam
HST 388 Traditional China
HST 463 Revolution and Communism in China
PLS 348 Politics of the Pacific Rim
SOC 306 Social Changes in The Third World
THE 490 Special Topics in Academic Theatre: Asian Theatre
INS 499 Independent Study in International Studies

In addition to the language requirement, courses taken at other institutions, or participation in overseas programs, up to 12 credits may be transferred with the approval of the Executive Committee of the program. For information and advisement contact: Dr. Kazumi Nakano, Director of Asian Studies Minor, Department of Mathematics, (716) 395-2384.

Interdisciplinary Minor: Canadian Studies

An interdisciplinary minor in Canadian Studies is available to SUNY Brockport students who want to learn more about our neighbor to the north. Canada is the United States' number one trading partner (exports and imports). Consequently, this minor is designed to assist students who wish to enhance their awareness of this important country. The new Regents Plan for elementary and secondary schools in New York state requires the inclusion of Canadian Studies in the K-12 curriculum. For future teachers, business majors, and others interested in Canada, courses are offered in history, political science, literature, foreign language (French is strongly recommended), theatre, anthropology, and education.

Also included in this program is the opportunity to study at a Canadian university for a year.

For more information, call Dr. Walter Boston, Director of Canadian Studies, 110 Hartwell, (716) 395-5467 or Sue Long, (716) 395-2584.

Interdisciplinary Minor: Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies minor is an interdisciplinary liberal arts program focusing on the study of the Jewish people-their history, their literature, their language (Hebrew) and their culture. The program aims to enhance the student's knowledge of the Jewish people. Students interested in the Jewish Studies Program should contact Dr. Herbert Fink, Department of Psychology, 137 Holmes Hall, (716) 395-5635.

Requirements (18 Credits)
Completion of the interdisciplinary Jewish Studies minor requires the completion of six of the courses listed below, from at least two different disciplines, selected with advisement.

HBR 111 Beginning Hebrew I
HBR 112 Beginning Hebrew II
ENL 353 The Bible and Modernism
ENL 354 The Bible as Literature
ENL 495 Literature of the Holocaust
HST 304 History of the Jewish People
HST 351 Nazi Germany
PLS 383 The Middle East in World Politics
PSH 437 Psychology and Jewish Studies
Relevant overseas courses (in Israel)

Jewish Studies Courses

HBR 111 Beginning Hebrew I (A). Provides an introduction to modern Hebrew. Emphasizes oral use. 3 Cr.

HBR 112 Beginning Hebrew II (A). Prerequisite: HBR 111 or instructor's permission. Continuation of HBR 111. 3 Cr.

ENL 353 The Bible and Modernism. Prerequisite: ENL 112 or equivalent. Provides an interdisciplinary investigation of controversies surrounding the Bible in the modern world. 3 Cr.

ENL 354 The Bible as Literature (A). Provides an extensive examination of the design, moral, ethical and historical significance of the Bible, as well as its major literary forms, including short story, myths, proverbs, psalms, historical narrative and apocrypha. 3 Cr.

ENL 495 Literature of the Holocaust (A, I). Prerequisite: ENL 112 or equivalent. Provides for readings and discussions concerning Hitler's attempted destruction of the European Jews, both fiction and non-fiction, including the work of survivors and victims. Incorporates esthetic, moral, and political perspectives, with special emphasis on the Holocaust's relevance for our time. 3 Cr.

HST 304 History of the Jewish People (A). Provides a survey of the political, cultural and religious history of the Jews, from 586 B.C. to the present. Covers Rabbinic Judaism, the Jewish Middle Ages, the Holocaust, and the emergence of modern Israel. 3 Cr.

HST 351 Nazi Germany (A). Explores the creation and destruction of Hitler's Germany within the con text of 20th-centur y Europe, and the ironies and complexities of this modern catastrophe. 3 Cr.

PLS 383 The Middle East in World Politics (A). Studies political conflict of global issues and inter national politics. Covers the Arab-Israeli conflict. 3 Cr.

PSH 437 Psychology and Jewish Studies (A). Explores psychological factors related to Jewish people, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Holocaust. 3 Cr.

Interdisciplinary Minor: Latin American Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies includes the following requirements:

1. Eighteen credits in 300-400-level courses focusing on Latin America and selected by advisement from at least three of the following disciplines: anthropology, art, economics, history, political science, sociology, and Spanish.

2. Proficiency in Spanish, demonstrated by successfully completing a Spanish course at the 300/400 levels or by obtaining a passing score in a proficiency exam. SPN 354 Culture and Literature of Spanish America is highly recommended to help students familiarize themselves with the cultural history and the literature of Spanish America.

NOTE: Students who successfully complete one semester of study through the SUNY Brock port program in Costa Rica or Cuernavaca, Mexico, may receive 12 credits toward the minor. To complete the minor, they need only one additional course in each of two disciplines.

Students wishing to undertake the minor should first consult the program director: Dr. Victor J. Rojas, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 101 K Tower Fine Arts Building, (716) 395-5231.

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