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Undergraduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)

Music: Department of Interdisciplinary Arts

1106D Tower
(716) 395-5262

Chairman: Sri Ram V. Bakshi

The department offers music courses for arts for children, general education, and music appre ciation. Although there is no major in music, the department offers a music specialty in Inter disciplinary Arts for Children and American S tudies. The department also organizes music events and Brockport Chorus, Jazz Ensemble, and Gospel Music.

Interdisciplinary Arts for Children: Music Specialty

Students wishing to major in Arts for Children with a music specialty should contact the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts about the required entrance audition. The students should be able to perform on voice or instrument at NYSSMA level IV.

Interdisciplinary Core Courses: (6 Credits) Credits
IAC 280 (A) Introduction to Related Arts for Children (fall only)1 3
IAC 491 (A) Seminar in Arts for Children (spring only)1 3

Interdisciplinary Core: 6

Music Specialty Courses: (21 Credits)
MUS 105 (A,P) Introduction to Music 3
MUS112(A,F,C,W) World Music 3
MUS 487 (A) Music and the Child 3 3
MUS 488 (B) Music Practicum 4 3

From the following: (9 Credits)
DNS 232 (A,P) African Music and Drumming for Dance (3)
MUS 300 (A) Music for Dance5 (3)
MUS 413 (A) American Music6 (3)
MUS 414 (A) American Musical Theatre (3)
MUS 485 (A) American Folk Music7 (3)
MUS 130 (B) Beginning Piano Class (2)
MUS 230 (B) Advanced Piano Class (2)
MUS 399 (A) Independent Study in Music (3)
MUS 499 (A) Independent Study in Music (3) 9

Music Specialty: 21

Arts Block Courses: (21 Credits)

ART 101 (A,P) Visual Art Experience 3
ART 417 (B) Methods of Teaching Art on the Elementary Level 3

DNS 115 (A,P) Introduction to Dance 3
DNS 483 (A) Children's Dance I 3

Students with previous experience can take DNS 483 and 484 in this sequence.

THE 281 (B) Creative Drama 3
THE 353 (A) Children's Theatre 3

THE 365 (A) Puppet Theatre OR
ENL 482 (A) Children's Literature 3

Arts Block: 21

Total: 48

Music Courses

MUS 105 Introduction to Music (A,P). Open to all students; no musical background required. Covers the three major areas: music fundamentals (scales, chords, notation, etc.), music history (classical music, American pop music of 20th centur y), and various ethnic music. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

MUS 112 World Music (A,F,C,W). This course examines the universal principles that connect music around the world. The music of the following areas will be included: India, Africa, Japan, South America, the United States, Europe. A unit on the contribution of women composers is also included. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

MUS 130 Beginning Piano Class (B). Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Allows development of practical skills in reading music at the keyboard, includ ing some knowledge of scales and chords to provide basic accompaniment. 2 Cr.

MUS 139 Beginning Voice Class (B). Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Allows development of basic vocal skills including breathing, placement, sight reading; study of vowels, consonants, and appropriate song literature. 2 Cr.

MUS 201 Computers and Music (A,T). Prerequisite: MUS 100 or MUS 105. Provides an introduction to computer basics and hands-on experience with music software. Explores computers as used by musicians and artists. E mphasizes sound analysis and digital music production. S urveys electronic and computer music. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

MUS 230 Advanced Piano Class (B). Prerequisite: MUS 130 or instructor's permission. Allows development of more advanced skills in piano performance techniques, including pedaling, phrases and fingering, study of polyphonic and homophonic styles. 2 Cr.

MUS 239 Advanced Voice Class (B). Prerequisite: MUS 139. Studies standar d vocal repertoire; improvement of technical vocal problems through performance; and stage awareness. 2 Cr.

MUS 278 African-American Music and Culture (A,F). Cross-listed as AAS 278. Provides a basic his tory of African-American music and related aspects of theatre, dance, and literature from the 17th cen tury to the present. 3 Cr. Fall.

MUS 301 Music Making (A). Provides an introduction to music theory and notation, aural discrimination, and composition. 3 Cr.

MUS 320 Brockport Chorus (B). Prerequisite: Ability to sing in tune with reasonable quality . Includes performance of standard choral works from many styles and periods. 1 Cr.

MUS 321 Brockport College Jazz Ensemble I (B). Prerequisite: An ability to play an instrument or sing. Includes performance of instrumental and vocal jazz. Provides an instruction in improvisation, stylistic elements, and historical background. 1 Cr.

MUS 322 Brockport College Gospel Music I (B). Provides a basic history of Black American Gospel Music and its relationship to contemporary music form; includes performances of Gospel Music. 1 Cr.

MUS 326 Brockport Symphony Orchestra (B). Prerequisite: Audition. Includes performance of stan dard or chestral repertoire. Allows students to develop orchestral techniques and understanding of musical styles. 1 Cr.

MUS 399 Independent Study in Music (A). To be defined in consultation with the instructor-sponsor and in accordance with the regulations of the Office of Academic Advisement prior to registration. 1-3 Cr.

MUS 413 American Music (A). Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Provides a study of represen tative music styles and idioms of North America from Colonial times to the present; analysis of visual and aural, structural and stylistic characteristics of the music; and recognition of important composers and musicians who contributed to the development of American music. 3 Cr.

MUS 414 American Musical Theatre (A). Surveys the American musical theatre, including Broadway shows, through investigation of its form. Provides analyses, discussions, viewing and research of selected works to serve as a basis for a more aware listening technique. 3 Cr.

MUS 485 American Folk Music (A). Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Takes a performance approach to the histor y, styles, and repertoire of North American folk music. Allows students to learn approximately 100 folk songs, covering all geographic regions, from performances by the instructor, guest artists, members of the class, films, and recordings. Especially recommended for arts for children, recreation and leisure, education, and music education majors. 3 Cr.

MUS 487 Music and the Child (A). Prerequisite: MUS 105 or instructor's permission. Covers current approaches in using music with children and ways in which music can contribute to the total growth of the child. Explores existing vocal and instrumen tal materials suitable for children, creating original songs, rhythmic games, and sound stories. 3 Cr. Spring.

MUS 490 Special Topics in Music (A). Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Provides opportunities for music students to focus on meaningful current topics which cannot be developed in other curricular offerings. 2-6 Cr.

MUS 499 Advanced Independent Study in Music (A). To be defined in consultation with the instructor- sponsor and in accordance with the regulations of the Office of Academic Advisement prior to registration. 3 Cr.

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