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Undergraduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)


Interdisciplinary Courses

The School of Professions sponsors several courses whose interdisciplinary content is applicable to students in many majors, both in the School of Professions and beyond. For information, contact the course professor or Dr. Diane Elliott, School of Professions, 204 Faculty Office Building, (716) 395-5654.

PRO 204 Developmental Assessment (A). Investigates physiological, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual and developmental influences on the client. Emphasizes the use of multi-disciplinary tools in assessing clients along the age continuum. Examines environmental forces that influence developmental outcomes. Investigates variables which will promote optimal stability for each of eight stages of life. Examines normal lines of defense for each stage to retain the greatest internal resistance. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

PRO 310 Research: Process and Critique (A). Introduces and examines the research process as it is evidenced in published professional journals. Includes the scientific method as utilized in research: problem formulation, literature review, research design and methodology, data analysis, and interpretation of findings. Presents and applies criteria for critically evaluating research to current published research. Emphasizes active learning throughout. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

PRO 410 Grants Writing. A basic, practical, how to course for the beginning grants writer. Includes types of funding sources, how to identify funding sources, and how to write foundation and government proposals. Requirements include writing a brief sample proposal. No required prerequisites. Appropriate for all majors. 1 Cr. Every Spring and Summer.

Developmental Disabilities Certificate Program The purpose of the Developmental Disabilities Certificate Program is to support the education and career advancement of New York state and voluntary not-for-profit agency workers in the field of mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Through SUNY College at Brockport baccalaureate courses, current and future personnel who provide care and services to people with developmental disabilities can obtain valuable knowledge and experience in disability related fields of study.

The curriculum consists of nine credit hours of core courses, a three-hour credit internship, and six elective credits, totaling eighteen credit hours. To be eligible for the internship, students must have completed a minimum of two core courses and one elective course or receive permission of the instructor. The internship consists of six hours at the internship site and one hour of classroom time per week.

Courses are offered at a variety of sites and times suited to adult learners. Sites include SUNY College at Brockport, Lifetime Assistance, Inc., Finger Lakes Disabilities Service Office, and Continuing Developmental Services, Inc. Application to the program is made through the School of Professions.

All courses must be completed within five years from the time of initiating the program and with a minimum grade of "C." A maximum of two courses may be transferred into the program with the consent of the advisory committee. All credits earned in this program are applicable to an academic degree. The certificate is awarded at the completion of all course requirements.

Core Courses

EDC 418 Conferencing Skills (A). Allows students to identify and understand four communication models, demonstrate facilitative communication responses, and demonstrate an effective conference. 3 Cr.

SWO 378 Developmental Disabilities (A). Provides examination and analysis of developmental disabilities in individual, family, and group practice experiences; policy and planning in the development, coordination, and impact on delivery services. 3 Cr.

PRO 400 Developmental Disabilities Internship (B). Provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in their core and elective courses in various settings. Includes following the progress of individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings. Coordinates scheduling of experiences in various disciplines with students' educational and career goals and objectives. 3 Cr.

PRO 450 Developmental Disabilities: A Lifespan Perspective Examines the human lifespan on an age continuum with an emphasis on developmental disabilities. Explores theories of development during nine stages of the human lifespan, each stage covering social, psychological, physiological and spiritual development of both normal development and that of people with developmental disabilities. 3 Cr.


Courses may be chosen with approval from the student's advisor from the areas of Education, Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, Health Science, Communication, Recreation and Leisure, Counselor Education, and Case Management.

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