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Graduate Catalog

Women's Studies

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Director: Kathleen J. Hunter, PhD, Southern Illinois, Carbondale.


Graduate work in women's studies can be undertaken through the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree. Utilizing MALS seminars and graduate-level women's studies courses, students can design a Plan of Study that concentrates on their areas of interest within women's studies. Because women's studies courses are cross-listed with their home departments, students have considerable flexibility in course selection. Students may also focus attention on a particular aspect of women's studies by independent study at two levels (WMS 599 and WMS 699). Graduate courses in women's studies may also be taken, under advisement, as electives in other graduate programs. For information and assistance, please contact the director of the MALS program or the director of women's studies.

Women's Studies Courses

  • WMS 502 (HLS) Women's Health
  • WMS 503 (ANT Biography and Life History
  • WMS 519 (HLS) Human Sexuality
  • WMS 527 (ENL) Women in the English Novel
  • WMS 529 (HST) Women: History and Theory
  • WMS 538 (HST) Latin-American Women's History
  • WMS 541 (ENL) American Literature: 19th-century Women's Novel
  • WMS 551 (SOC) Women and Work
  • WMS 552 (SOC) Women and Health
  • WMS 557 (ENL) Women and Film
  • WMS 564 (SOC) Gender Roles
  • WMS 565 (SOC) Sociology of Aging
  • WMS 570 (ENL) Women's Popular Culture
  • WMS 581 (CRJ) Women and Criminal Justice
  • WMS 595 (HST) Women, Gender, and Class
  • WMS 596 (ENL) Sex and Censorship
  • WMS 599 Independent Study
  • WMS 699 Independent Study



The information in this publication was current as of December 2002 when the text was compiled. Changes, including but not restricted to, tuition and fees, course descriptions, degree and program requirements, policies, and financial aid availability may have occurred since that time. Whether or not a specific course is scheduled for a given term is contingent on enrollment, budget and staffing. The college reserves the right to make any changes it finds necessary and may announce such changes for student notification in publications other than the College catalogs. For the purpose of degree and program completion, students are bound by the requirements in effect as stated in the printed catalog at the time of their matriculation at SUNY Brockport. Inquiries on the current status of requirements can be addressed to the appropriate College department of office. Also refer to the Brockport Web site home page at for current information.