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Undergraduate Studies Catalog 2003-2005

Student Services

Chapter III


Student Services

Included under the umbrella of "student services" are offices whose responsibilities differ widely. Some serve every student every semester (such as Registration and Records), some exist to support special elements within the student population (such as Veterans Affairs and the Educational Opportunity Program), some provide students with direct support in their academic programs (such as the Student Learning Center and Academic Advisement), and others focus on health and social activities (Health Services and Recreational Services).

All SUNY Brockport student services are listed alphabetically below, followed by a brief description of their responsibilities and their location.


Academic Advisement

This office provides students with information and advice concerning academic policies and procedures, evaluates transcripts from other institutions to determine Brockport credit, conducts the College's probation and dismissal program, coordinates the Degree Audit Reporting System [DARS], coordinates all advisement/registration programs for new students, and provides information and advice concerning academic eligibility for financial aid. Web site


Undergraduate Admissions

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is the point of entry for all new undergraduate students at SUNY Brockport. On-campus admissions information sessions are available Monday through Friday when classes are in session. Admissions information sessions and campus tours are also available on selected Saturdays and holidays throughout the academic year. Arrangements to visit the Brockport campus can be made by writing or calling the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (585) 395-2751. Refer to the SUNY Brockport Web site at for the most current admissions information or for an electronic admissions application.



SUNY Brockport has a long and rich tradition in intercollegiate athletics. It covers nearly 100 years, includes seven national team titles and hundreds of individual and team champions at the area, state, and national levels, and is one of the most prominent programs in the nation. The SUNY Brockport "Golden Eagles" have earned a national reputation, putting them among the finest in the United States.

Twenty-four varsity and four junior varsity intercollegiate sports are available at SUNY Brockport. There are 12 women's (basketball, cross country, field hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field, and volleyball) and 11 men's (baseball, basketball, cross country, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, swimming and diving, indoor and outdoor track and field, and wrestling) varsity sports.

Facilities for athletes at SUNY Brockport are outstanding. Outdoors, the 10,000-seat Special Olympics Stadium, built in 1979 and the site of all home football games, is one of the finest in the region and is the largest on-campus Division III site in the country. Each outdoor team has an excellent practice/playing field.

Inside the Ernest H. Tuttle Physical Education and Athletic Complex are a 50-meter Olympic-size swimming pool with seating for 1,300; five gymnasia with a main area seating 2,000; an ice hockey rink with a 2,000-seat capacity; a spacious and well-equipped gymnastics area with a newly-installed spring floor and seating for 500 spectators; a permanent wrestling facility; two fully-equipped weight training rooms with Nautilus machines and free weights; and 15 handball, squash, and racquetball courts. Additionally, SUNY Brockport has a modern athletic training facility staffed by certified athletic trainers and supported by numerous student assistants.

SUNY Brockport teams compete at the NCAA Division III level. The College offers both quality educational experiences and excellent athletic opportunities at a reasonable cost, with complete financial aid plans for qualified female and male athletes. No athletic scholarships are available at the Division III level.

The men's teams participate in the NCAA. The women's teams compete in the NCAA and belong to the New York State Women's Collegiate Athletic Association (NYSWCAA). Both compete in the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) and Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC).

Athletics has always been close to the heart of students at the College. Although baseball and football teams trace back to the 1890s, the college views 1928 as the year the athletics program commenced.

In 1928, a "blanket tax" was adopted to support the athletic endeavors of the school. A conference, including the Normal Schools at Oswego, Fredonia, Geneseo and several business schools, was formed, giving the Golden Eagles their first all-collegiate schedule. Many of the games prior to 1928 were against area high schools.

The school's first national championship came in men's soccer when the Golden Eagles shared the title with Penn State in 1955. The men's soccer team also won a Division III national Championship in 1974. To date, the most successful program is wrestling. The Golden Eagles have been National Division III champions five times (1977, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1992). For the women, the volleyball team has achieved outstanding success, advancing to the national playoffs six straight years. The softball team has advanced to the national tournament six times, including back-to-back appearances in 1993 and 1994, and a 13th-place national finish in 1997. The men's basketball and football teams have been nationally ranked and participated in the NCAA tournament as recently as 1999-2000 and 2000-2001.


Golden Eagles Athletic Directory

Men's Teams
Area Code (585)
Intercollegiate Sports Coaches
Office Phones
Baseball Mark Rowland
Basketball (Varsity and JV) Nelson Whitmore
Cross Country Brian Gawne
Football (Varsity and JV) Rocco Salomone
Ice Hockey Brian Dickinson
Lacrosse Ben Wineburg
Soccer Gary LaPietra
Swimming/Diving Greg Kenney
Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field Brian Gawne
Wrestling (Varsity and JV) Don Murray
Women's Teams
Intercollegiate Sports Coaches
Office Phones
Basketball (Varsity and JV) Michele Carron
Cross Country Brian Gawne
Field Hockey Andrea Zurlo
Gymnastics John Feeney
Lacrosse Anne Fowler
Soccer Joan Schockow
Softball John Dumaw
Swimming/Diving Greg Kenney
Tennis Ed Gonzalez
Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field Brian Gawne
Volleyball John Tuttle
Director of Athletics Linda J. Case
Associate Director/SWA Susan Hoffman
Assistant Director Mark Rowland
Assistant Director Nelson Whitmore
Sports Information Director Eric McDowell


Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office is responsible for the collection of tuition, fees, room and meal plan costs. The office also issues refunds, distributes financial aid funds, distributes student payroll checks, and certifies eligibility for the New York State Tuition Assistance Program. Located on the second floor of the Rakov Center for Student Services, the office is open 8 am­5 pm weekdays throughout the academic year. For more information, call (585) 395-2473.


Campus Life

The Office of Campus Life serves in many respects as both the formal and informal connection between the College and the students. Also under the wing of Campus Life: Homecoming & Family Weekend; New Student Orientation; advising BSG; Seymour College Union Information Center; fraternity and sorority life; College Events; campus programming and a number of other responsibilities. Needless to say, the Campus Life staff is in continual contact with students and student leaders of all kinds and are wonderful sources of information and advice on almost any topic related to student life at SUNY Brockport. It is also the home of Commuter Student Services. Students may also want to stop by the Gallery Lounge and Gameroom. The Gallery gives students the opportunity to stop and check their e-mail, to sit and relax quietly and/or to socialize with fellow Brockport students. The Gallery offers a comfortable environment for studying or as a gathering place. Students can play games such as pool, video games, and air hockey or sit back and listen to music or watch one of the 32" or big screen TVs. And, for those who are hungry or thirsty, light snacks and drinks are always available.

The Office of Campus Life is located on the second level of the Seymour College Union, and the office is open 8 am­5 pm weekdays. The Information Desk is open 8 am­11 pm Monday­Friday and noon­11 pm Saturday and Sunday. The Gallery Lounge and Gameroom is located on the first level of the Seymour College Union and is open noon­12 am Sunday, 11 am­Midnight Monday­Wednesday, 11 am­1 am Thursday­Friday, and noon­1 am on Saturday. For more information on specific services, call (585) 395-5646. For more information on scheduled campus programs check our Web site at


Campus Recreation

The Campus Recreation Office provides a comprehensive program of recreational and leisure activities for the campus and the community. Programs are designed to serve SUNY Brockport students, faculty, staff, alumni and interested members and agencies of the greater Brockport community. All recreational programs assist participants in developing positive leisure and recreational habits that will contribute to lifelong wellness. Informal recreation hours are arranged at the beginning of each semester and are advertised throughout the campus. Facilities for informal recreation include the ice arena; fitness center; pool; handball, squash and racquetball courts; five gymnasia; volleyball gym; outdoor athletic field and intramural fields; tennis courts; and aerobic classes.

Intramural sports are scheduled on a seasonal basis and utilize both indoor and outdoor College facilities. Offerings have included flag football, basketball, ice hockey, broomball, volleyball, softball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbee and roller hockey. Additional intramural activities will be offered in high-interest sports and programs. Special event programming includes Schick Super Hoops, the Fall Golf Tournament and Polar Bear Softball.

The Ice Arena is open from August through May, and may be used during scheduled hours. It is also available for rental by community agencies.

College and community instructional programs are offered throughout the year, offering opportunities in special interest areas. Current programs include instruction in ice skating, judo and a summer day camp program.

Additionally, Campus Recreation has strong working relationships with various regional organizations who annually host special events, festivals, tournaments, leagues and competitions at the campus.

The Campus Recreation HUB Office is located in Tuttle North, (585) 395-2681, and is open daily. Web site


Career Services

The Office of Career Services provides students and alumni with the tools and resources needed to achieve career self-reliance and work satisfaction. The office provides individual career advisement, a career resource room with a computerized career exploration program, and Job- Shop, an Internet-based job and internship search program. Career Services also offers a career exploration course, Albany internships and other paid and unpaid internships and the America Reads Program. Job search services and student employment, including the College Work-Study program and area off-campus jobs are also available in Career Services. Located on the main floor of The Rakov Center for Student Services, the office is open 8am­5pm weekdays during the academic year, and 8am­4pm during the summer. Students are encouraged to visit the office during drop-in hours, from 11 am to 3 pm daily. For more information, call (585) 395-2159. All services and programs are further explained on our Web site at


Child and Adolescent Stress
Management Institute

A variety of preventive programs are offered by the Institute on campus, and by arrangement, at off-campus locations, including worksite settings. These programs help young people, and the adults who work with them, to control the stress in their lives. Programs range from one to 10 days and are presented to groups on 10­15 children and 15­25 adults. The workshop participants learn how to recognize stress; identify the sources of stress in their lives; develop a strategy to control stress; create an action plan to execute a stress control strategy; and master techniques for managing stress. Faculty of the Child and Adolescent Stress Management Institute also offer graduate courses for college credit in the Department of Health Science, (585) 395-5475.


College Events

The Office of College Events provides support and assistance to the SUNY Brockport community with activity and special event planning. We administer the reservation system that schedules all campus space for meetings and events and we facilitate the coordination of related support services and event requirements.

Want to know what's happening on a particular day? Check out the Web Event Calendar, available off the SUNY Brockport home page at any time, day or night. The calendar is a complete, comprehensive list of all scheduled events, meetings and programs at SUNY Brockport.

The Office of College Events also coordinates several large College-sponsored events, including Commencement, the Spring Honors and Awards Ceremony and the Fall Academic Convocation. The Office is located in room 212, Seymour College Union. For assistance, call (585) 395-5645. For more information on scheduled campus programs, check the Web Calendar at



The Counseling Center at SUNY Brockport assists students in an atmosphere of confidentiality and support. Whether the service provided is individual or group counseling, and whether the assistance is provided in a single visit or over an entire semester, the ultimate objective is the same: a more effective and adaptive individual, increasingly able to capitalize on his or her own resources, and to cope with future situations.

Staff in the Center are trained in fields such as counseling, counseling psychology, and clinical psychology, and have extensive experience in working with a college population. The Counseling Center provides workshops on various topics for the entire College community and has information on common concerns. The Center is located in Hazen Hall and is open 8 am­5 pm weekdays during the academic year. Appointments can be scheduled at the Center or by calling (585) 395-2207.


Cultural Center for Student Services
and Development

The Cultural Center provides direct services to African-American, Native-American, Asian-American, international students, and other underrepresented populations. The Center sponsors programs, activities and workshops to increase cultural awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds representing members of the Campus constituency. Moreover, the Cultural Center provides an informal meeting place for students and provides films, exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, guest lectures and other activities that further develop and promote cultural awareness.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Cultural Center, the Office of Campus Life, Career Services, and Military Science, SUNY Brockport students have an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. Students are offered seminars on self-esteem and self-awareness; in addition to others such as test-taking, study habits, critical thinking, public speaking and leadership. To assist further with the development of leadership skills, credit-bearing courses and volunteer opportunities are offered to all students.

The Cultural Center, located in Room 224 of Seymour College Union, is open 8 am­5 pm throughout the academic year, and 8 am­4 pm during the summer. For more information, please call (585) 395-5245.


Dining Services

Dining Services are provided by the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC), a not-for-profit corporation, which also manages the College Barnes & Noble bookstore, laundry, summer conferences, Parking Services, as well as video and vending services. On-campus students must enroll in a dining option plan.

Students can eat anywhere on campusthere are many choices. The BASC Dining Services Department is committed to providing the most complete dining program to be found on any campus. In fact, the SUNY Brockport concept of diversified dining has been recognized by SUNY students as the #1 Dining Service in the entire SUNY College system for the past eight years! The quality and convenience are second to none.

There are two dining halls on campus:

Harrison Dining Room is the larger of the two dining halls. Harrison is well-known for its unique, built-in charbroiler, tremendous salad bar and pasta bar. There students will find a classic, all-you-can-eat buffet, featuring several entreesincluding vegetarian offeringsand nutritional information for those concerned about their dietary intake.

Brockway Dining Room is surrounded by the freshmen residence halls and is known for its quaint atmosphere, friendly service and breakfasts with Belgian waffles students can cook for themselves. At lunch and dinner, Brockway features home-style cooking and a New York-style deli bar.

There are also several dining locations featuring both national and local brands:

TRAX offers fresh-dough pizza, subs, Buffalo-style chicken wings and an abundance of sweet treats from noon until 1am. TRAX also features cable TV for relaxed viewing.

Jitterbugs Café, located in Seymour College Union, features gourmet soups, sandwiches, salads, delicious pastriesand, of course, steaming java!

Aerie Café, located in Drake Library, keeps you nourished as you feed your mind.

Hartwell Café is open during the week serving the east end of campus.

Union Square is the newly renovated food court in Seymour College Union. The food court offers a huge variety - including KFC Express!

Open from 8 am to 5 pm throughout the academic year, the Dining Service Office is located in Brockway. Summer hours are 8 am to 4 pm. For more information, call (585) 395-2570.


Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

See Chapter II, Pages 16 and 19.


Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for the administration of federal and state financial aid program funds. Services include determination of student eligibility for aid and counseling on appropriate application for funds. The Financial Aid Office assists students in the payment of their college expenses by providing deferments (credits to the college bill) for financial aid awards. The Financial Aid Office, on the main floor of the Rakov Center for Student Services, is open Monday through Friday 8 am­5 pm throughout the academic year. Office hours are 8 am­4 pm during the summer.

For more information:  
  Automated General Aid Info (585) 395-2651
  Automated Individual Status (585) 395-2600
  Service Representative (585) 395-2501
  STAR Center (585) 395-5852
Other services include:  
  Document Request Line (585) 395-5443
  FAX Line (585) 395-5445
  Web Page
  E-mail Address


Health Center

The Student Health Center provides primary medical care to all registered students in an out-patient clinic staffed by registered nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians. Located in Hazen Hall, the Health Center is open weekdays 8 am­5 pm and Saturdays 10 am­2 pm during the academic year. Office hours are reduced during the summer months. After-hours care is available at nearby Lakeside Memorial Hospital Emergency Room on a fee-for-service basis.

The College strongly recommends that all students carry adequate accident and sickness insurance to cover medical services not provided through the Student Health Center (such as X-rays, surgery, specialty care). Students should either subscribe to the medical insurance program endorsed by the College, or have comparable privately arranged coverage.

For more information about the Student Health Center or medical insurance, please call (585) 395-2414.


Information Technology
Support Services (ITSS)

Information Technology Support Services operates Dailey Hall Computing Center. Located at the west end of the mall, Dailey contains five computer classrooms and two large open- access areas. A wide variety of computing hardware is available, including more than 200 PC's, 20 MACs, 40 SUN workstations and a state-of-the-art multimedia lab. A large trained student staff provides one-on-one assistance for all ITSS-supported software. Dailey is open more than 100 hours each week providing access to students both during the week and on weekends. For specific hours, call (585) 395-2390.

SUNY Brockport's e-mail system is accessible from Dailey, residence halls and offices through the campus fiber optic network, and from off campus through any Web browser. E-mail accounts, automatically created for all students, allow access to e-mail and Drake Library's online reference and resource material. Of particular interest to students are the uses of the Internet, World Wide Web, and CD-ROM material as research tools and the availability of the most current statistical software, including SAS, SPSS and Minitab. All students are provided with server storage space for the development of personal Web pages.

ITSS also coordinates 20 satellite labs located across campus that offer standard and specialized software as well as Internet access.

For more information about computing at SUNY Brockport, visit


International Education Program

Qualified students are encouraged to participate in firsthand educational experiences in other countries and cultures.

SUNY Brockport sponsors diverse overseas programs that embrace many academic fields such as social sciences, physical education, dance, communication, English literature, history, Spanish, French, criminal justice, political science and sociology in countries such as France, Germany, England, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Italy, Ghana, Greece and Jamaica.

In addition to these programs, SUNY Brockport students are eligible to participate in overseas programs sponsored by other SUNY and non-SUNY colleges.

Advice and assistance for interested students are available through the Office of International Education, on the main floor of Morgan III, (585) 395-2119. The office is open 8 am­ 4 pm weekdays throughout the year.


International Business Institute

The International Business Institute at SUNY Brockport links the College's overseas programs with its international business and economics and international studies majors, as well as other international academic areas such as Asian, Canadian, and Latin-American studies, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. The International Institute extends SUNY Brockport's commitment to preparing students for the global challenges of life and careers in the 21st century. For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Strieter, director, Hartwell Hall, (585) 395-5529.


International Student Services

The Office of International Student Services provides assistance and support to international students who have been accepted by SUNY Brockport and granted a student visa (F-1). The International Student Advisor works closely with faculty and various College support services, and with community service agencies and organizations to facilitate the adjustment of international students to the College and the larger community.

SUNY Brockport is an institutional member of NAFSA: National Association of Foreign Student Advisors. Every international student is a member of the International Foreign Student Association, which fosters a cultural exchange program among international students, American students, and faculty. The Office of International Student Services is located in Seymour College Union, Room 224, where the Cultural Center provides an informal meeting place for international students and others. The office maintains close ties with the US Immigration Office in Buffalo, and is able to provide students with information regarding their international status.

The office is open 8 am­5 pm during the academic year, 8 am­ 4 pm during the summer. For more information, please call (585) 395-5899.



Drake Memorial Library offers a full range of services. Seating 1,200, the building houses a collection of 473,000 books, 117,300 bound journals, two million units of microtext, and nearly 10,000 audiovisual materials. The collection is growing by approximately 11,000 volumes annually. A computer catalog and other online services provide easy access to library collections and electronic databases. The library has an open-stack policy that allows students direct access to most materials.

The library subscribes to a rapidly expanding number of online and CD-ROM-based searching services, offering easy access to journal articles, newspapers, government documents, and specialized reports. Major full-text databases are available through such services as Proquest, Infotrac, and Lexis/Nexis. Major subject-specific databases to which the library subscribes include ERIC (Education), Medline (Medicine), GPO (Government Publications), MLA (Literature and Languages), PyscInfo (Psychology) SportDiscus (Physical Education and Sports), and Science Direct (Science). All of these services are accessible on or off campus from the library's Web page.

Reference assistance also is available on or off campus. The Library is open 105 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters, and the reference desk is staffed all hours the library is open. Students doing research from home may call (585) 395-2760 for assistance, or may send an AOL Instant Message to drakeref. Students who don't need an instant answer can send an e-mail to, or schedule a personal research consultation with a reference librarian by completing the form on the Library Web page. Usually the library will respond within 24 hours, except for weekends when it might take slightly longer.

Students may borrow most materials from Drake Library for a period of approximately four weeks. Materials may be renewed if not requested by another reader. A valid College ID serves as a library card. Arrangements may be made for an ID with the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation (BASC) from 8 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday when the College is in session. Until students receive their ID, they may obtain a temporary ID for a $2 fee from the Circulation Desk of the library. These IDs are valid for one semester.

Materials not available in the library can usually be obtained from other libraries through interlibrary loan. Books, articles and other materials may be requested electronically at or on forms available at the Circulation Desk, the Reference Desk, and in the Interlibrary Loan Office. Delivery of needed items usually takes about seven days.

The library's schedule varies. For current hours, call the recorded information service at (585) 395-2288.

Other Library Services

A computer lab, equipped with 40 state-of-the art networked PCs and two digital printers, is available for e-mail, word processing, and access to the Internet. The library has several coin-operated, self-service photocopy machines on the main and ground floors. Additional book and microfilm copiers are located in the ground floor Copy Center.

SUNY Student Resource Center

Located in the Bausch & Lomb Building of the Rochester Public Library in downtown Rochester, the SUNY Student Resource Center serves the library service needs of SUNY students taking courses in Rochester. The Center provides reserve facilities, interlibrary loan, networked computers with access to the online catalogs of SUNY Brockport and other area libraries, as well as online databases subscribed to by the campus library. A daily delivery between the Center and Drake makes resources easily available to students living or taking courses in the Rochester area.



The SUNY Brockport MetroCenter facility has a new location in downtown Rochester at 55 St. Paul Street. The new facility features 17 classrooms, three computer labs, and state-of-the art instructional technology resources. There is a faculty lounge, a student lounge, student lockers, conference rooms, the MSW office suite and resource room, administrative offices, and designated departmental offices.

Courses offered at the SUNY Brockport MetroCenter allow undergraduate students holding an associate's degree to take courses in diverse disciplines, including health care administration and health science liberal arts in downtown Rochester. Students also may be able to take courses from a variety of disciplines within their program of study, as well as for elective credit. Completion of degree requirements may necessitate taking some courses offered only on the SUNY Brockport main campus. Additionally, non-credit, professional, and corporate education courses are offered during the day, evening, and weekends. The MetroCenter is home to the Greater Rochester Collaborative Master of Social Work program of SUNY Brockport and Nazareth College.

Please visit, e-mail or call (585) 232-7313 for more information.


Distance Learning: Telecourses and
SUNY Learning Network Online Courses

SUNY Brockport provides students desiring scheduling flexibility with two distance-learning options. Studies have shown that students who do well in distance-learning courses are bright, motivated, and self-disciplined learners with good study and time-management skills.

Telecourses are offered in nine subject areas each semester, evening and weekends, on campus and at the SUNY Brockport MetroCenter. Telecourse students learn through a combination of synchronous (same time, same place) in-class instruction, independent study and program viewing. For more information on telecourses, e-mail, view our Web site at, or call (585) 395-5726.

SUNY Learning Network Online Courses
Students may elect to take completely asynchronous, online courses via the College's SUNY Learning Network (SLN) offerings using computer internet access from home, work, or on the road. For more information on online courses, e-mail, view our Web site at, or call (585) 395-5734.


Office for Students with Disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities provides support and assistance to individuals with medical, physical, emotional, or learning disabilities; especially those experiencing problems in such areas as academic program, career choice, or adjustment to the campus environment. Among the services provided are those related to accessibility of campus facilities, adaptive equipment, note takers, alternative testing, advocacy and referral to appropriate governmental and community agencies.

The Coordinator for the Office for Students with Disabilities serves as an advisor to the campus at large on matters related to students with disabilities, and works closely with other

offices to ensure that the needs of those with disabilities are met. The Office for Students with Disabilities is located on the second floor of the Seymour College Union, Room 227, and is open 8 am­5 pm weekdays during the academic year, 8 am­4 pm during the summer. It is accessible by elevator from the ground-level entrance, with power doors and reserved parking immediately adjacent. For more information, call (585) 395-5409 (V/TTY).


Preparation for Pre-Professional Schools Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Allied Fields

Students interested in preparing for entry into fields such as law or medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, osteopathy, optometry, and similar allied medical fields can prepare for admission to professional schools in these areas through their course work at SUNY Brockport. The Department of Business Administration offers a pre-law specialty. The Department of Political Science houses the Pre-law Advisement Committee. The College also has a Pre-professional Advisory Committee to assist students interested in gaining admission to medically-related professional schools. For further information on this latter committee, please refer to the Department of Biological Sciences section of this catalog.


Recreational Services

The Recreational Services Office provides a comprehensive program of recreational and leisure activities for the campus and the community. Programs are designed to serve SUNY Brockport students, faculty, staff, alumni and interested members and agencies of the greater Brockport community. All recreational programs assist participants in developing positive leisure and recreational habits that will contribute to lifelong wellness.

Informal recreation hours are arranged at the beginning of each semester and are advertised throughout the campus. Facilities for informal recreation include the ice arena; fitness center; pool; handball, squash and racquetball courts; five gymnasia; volleyball gym; outdoor athletic field and intramural fields; tennis courts; and aerobic classes.

Intramural sports are scheduled on a seasonal basis and utilize both indoor and outdoor College facilities. Offerings have included flag football, basketball, ice hockey, broomball, volleyball, softball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbee and roller hockey. Additional intramural activities will be offered in high-interest sports and programs. Special event programming includes Schick Super Hoops, the Fall Golf Tournament and Polar Bear Softball.

The Ice Arena is open from September through March, and may be used during scheduled hours. It is also available for rental by community agencies.

College and community instructional programs are offered throughout the year, offering opportunities in special interest areas. Current programs include instruction in ice skating, judo and a summer day camp program.

Additionally, Recreational Services has strong working relationships with various regional organizations who annually host special events, festivals, tournaments, leagues and competitions at the campus.

The Recreational Services HUB Office is located in Tuttle North, (585) 395-2681, and is open daily.


Registration and Records

The Office of Registration and Records is responsible for all registration and for creating and maintaining permanent academic records of all students. These responsibilities include: all registration procedures, including dropping, adding and withdrawing from classes; production of all editions of the Schedule of Classes used for registration purposes; verification to other SUNY Brockport offices and external agencies that students are officially enrolled; collection and distribution of grades, and posting of those grades to students' permanent records; and the provision of transcripts of students' permanent records. The Office also assists

students and alumni to assemble a credentials file containing letters of reference, and provides such files to prospective employers and graduate schools upon student request. The Commencement Office is also located in the Office of Registration and Records.

The Office of Registration and Records is on the second floor of the Rakov Center for Student Services, (585) 395-2531. The office is open 8 am­5 pm weekdays during the academic year, 8 am­4 pm summers. Refer to the SUNY Brockport Web site at for the most current registration information and semester schedules.

Residential Life/Learning Communities

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities, in the east wing of Hazen Hall, is the central management group for the residence hall system. Through its staff of resident directors, faculty-in-residence, resident assistants, night-desk attendants, and other support personnel, the Office provides a program focused on student success. Residential Life/Learning Communities is involved in almost every out-of-classroom student activity. Among others, concerns in the following areas can be resolved through contacting this office: judicial system activity, condition of room/suite/hall, damage/key bills, housing charges, Night-desk Attendant program, personal safety issues, programming/Resident Assistant program, student residence councils, and staff and student development programs and activities. The office is open weekdays 8 am­5 pm during the academic year, 8 am­4 pm summers. For more information, call (585) 395-2122.


Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center offers students an opportunity to sharpen their writing, math and study skills to meet the challenge of college-level work. Services include tutoring in writing, math, and subject area courses. Students can work with the same tutor on a regular basis. The Center also houses a computer room for students to work independently on assignments. Students are encouraged to use the Student Learning Center's software, videotapes, and printed resources to develop successful study skills strategies. A professional staff coordinates the various areas, which are open mornings, afternoons and some evenings. The Center is located in B-10 Cooper Hall. For more information, call (585) 395-2293.


Student Support Services Program

The Student Support Services Program's mission is to help ensure the academic, social, and personal success of its students and to retain students through graduation. The program accomplishes this mission by offering its members academic support, such as tutoring, study skills workshops and academic advisement; counseling, including personal, financial, and career; and social and cultural enrichment activities. From the services offered, students choose those that best meet their individual needs. Eligible students are those who are first-generation (neither parent has a four-year degree), financially disadvantaged (according to federal guidelines), or disabled (physically, emotionally, learning; documentation required). For additional information, see or call (585) 395-5891.


Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC)

The SUNY Brockport Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) program serves undergraduate and graduate students in elementary and secondary provisional certification programs. TOC participants take special course work that focuses on the at-risk urban student. Comprehensive support services include academic advisement, tutoring, financial assistance, teacher exam preparation, and counseling services. In cooperation with the Rochester City School District (RCSD), pre-service teachers do their field work and student teaching in two urban Professional Practice Schools (School #17 and Frederick Douglass Middle School). Both of these Professional Practice Schools grew from the TOC Program. Teachers and administrators at the school are deeply committed to the TOC Program and work with the TOC participants during their field experiences, student teaching, and their first year of teaching. First-year TOC graduates receive mentoring, which helps ensure their success as teachers. Most of the program graduates are employed in the RCSD. Eight program graduates have gone on to pursue doctoral studies in education. Contact the Department of Educational and Human Development, (585) 395-2205, for additional information.


Undergraduate Research

Research options are available and encouraged in every field of study at SUNY Brockport. Individual students work with faculty members and other students on current issues and areas of interest in their disciplines, often resulting in co-authored publications in academic and professional journals. Additionally, each year SUNY Brockport sends students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research to present the results of their work in a variety of formats: oral presentation, posters, and performances. In doing so, students interact and exchange ideas with other students and faculty from schools such as Harvard, Yale, University of California-San Diego/Davis, Wheaton, Colgate, and MIT. Conference papers are published in an academic journal which contains the proceedings of the conference.

Also, the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program and the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (C-STEP) support research and internships of low-income and underrepresented students. Other support includes workshops, mentoring, and graduate school test preparation. For more information and applications, drop by C-18 Cooper Hall, or call (585) 395-2460.


University Police/Campus Safety

The Department of University Police at SUNY Brockport is a professional, service-oriented law enforcement agency which is committed to the establishment and maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. The department is staffed by highly trained, experienced, certified police officers who possess a unique desire to provide the very finest level of police services within a higher education setting. These officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day in marked vehicles, on foot and on bicycles, and are in constant radio communication with the department's dispatch center. The dispatch center also monitors all campus fire alarm systems, the on-campus "Blue Light" emergency telephone network and maintains radio or telephone contact with all area police, ambulance and fire services. Members of the College community are urged to promptly report medical emergencies, fires, motor vehicle accidents, suspicious circumstances, etc. to the University Police dispatcher. The telephone numbers are (585) 395-2222 for emergencies, (585) 395-2226 for non-emergencies.


Veterans Affairs

SUNY Brockport is approved by the New York State Education Department for the training of veterans and other eligible persons. The Veterans Affairs Office assists eligible veterans and dependents in applying for veterans educational benefits, arranges deferral of college charges against those benefits, and certifies attendance to the Veterans Administration. For more information and for publications concerning veterans educational benefits, call (585) 395-2315, or visit the office on the main floor of the Rakov Center for Student Services (in the Financial Aid Office), which is open weekdays 8 am­5 pm during the academic year, and 8 am­4 pm summers and during intersession. The e-mail address is


Women's Center

The SUNY Brockport Women's Center was established in March 1997 and moved into its current home in the basement of Seymour Union in September 1997. The mission statement of the Center states that the Center exists "to address the needs of women on campus and in the community, with a focus on the elimination of oppression and discrimination based on sex, race, age, class, religion, and sexual orientation, as well as other barriers to human liberation." The goals of the Center are to educate and raise consciousness in a variety of ways about issues that directly affect women both within and beyond the campus community. The Center assists women on campus in achieving empowerment through mentoring and leadership skills, and serves as a catalyst for political and social actions on campus and throughout the community by networking with other groups working towards the same goals. Most important, the Women's Center provides a safe and supportive place for women to meet, talk and work together.

The Center has an information center, complete with referrals to other groups and facilities on campus; and a small library with literature on such topics as women's history, health, relationships, careers, spirituality, and violence against women, in addition to novels and magazines. The Center sponsors an ongoing program of events and speakers such as an annual Take Back the Night March, the Clothesline Project and programs addressing issues from body image to poverty. The Women's Center also cosponsors events with other groups

on campus, including the Women's Studies Organization, OSAD and the Social Work Student Organization.

The Center is run by a number of student interns and volunteers, who keep the space open five days a week, organize and run programs and events, and provide a welcoming environment for anyone who drops by. We invite everyone to stop by and browse in our library and resource center, look at our posters and flyers of past events, become an organizer of or participant in our programs and activities, or simply have a cup of coffee and listen to some music with us. Our telephone number is (585) 395-5584, and our hours are posted on the door of the Center.


The information in this publication was current as of December 2002 when the text was compiled. Changes, including but not restricted to, tuition and fees, course descriptions, degree and program requirements, policies, and financial aid availability may have occurred since that time. Whether or not a specific course is scheduled for a given term is contingent on enrollment, budget and staffing. The college reserves the right to make any changes it finds necessary and may announce such changes for student notification in publications other than the College catalogs. For the purpose of degree and program completion, students are bound by the requirements in effect as stated in the printed catalog at the time of their matriculation at SUNY Brockport. Inquiries on the current status of requirements can be addressed to the appropriate College department of office. Also refer to the Brockport Web site home page at for current information.