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Undergraduate Studies Catalog 2003-2005

Major in International Business and Economics


Degree Requirements
The international business and economics major requires completion of a minimum of 57 semester credit hours, consisting of 15 credits of prerequisite courses (I below), 27 credits of international business core courses (II below), at least three credits of foreign language at the 212 level or higher (III below), 12 credits of cross-cultural core courses (IV below), and a significant foreign experience (V below). See Course Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major and Course Grade and GPA Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major below for details.

Declaring the International Business and Economics Major
Students declare a major in International Business and Economics immediately after completing the prerequisite course requirements described in Course Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major below. It is expected that full-time students will complete their prerequisite requirements by the end of their sophomore year. Transfer students with an associate degree should complete the prerequisites in their first semester at SUNY Brockport. Admission to the program is competitive and based on GPA in the prerequisite courses. Currently, students need to complete all prerequisite courses with a prerequisite GPA of at least 3.0 to be guaranteed admission to this program. The forms required to declare the major are available in 119 Hartwell Hall.

Students Who Intend to Major in International Business and Economics, but who have not yet completed the prerequisite courses, should indicate their intent by filing an Intent to Major form, available at 119 Hartwell Hall. Freshmen students intending to major in international business should complete the Intent to Major form by the beginning of their second semester at Brockport.

Course Grade and GPA Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major
Students pursuing the international business and economics major must satisfy four course-grade and GPA requirements as follows:

  1. A student's cumulative GPA in the prerequisite courses is used to determine whether a student will be admitted to the major. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the prerequisite courses, with no grade lower than "C-", to be guaranteed admission to the major in international business and economics.
  2. Students must earn a grade of at least "C-" in each course used to satisfy prerequisite and international business core courses specified in Course Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major below.
  3. Completion of the International Business and Economics major requires an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the courses used to satisfy the international business core, foreign language, cross-cultural core, and foreign experience requirements specified in Course Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major below.
  4. All general education, upper division course work, and GPA requirements of the College must be met, including an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all SUNY Brockport coursework used to meet bachelor's degree requirements.

Transfer Course and Grade Policy: Students may request transfer credit for (1) any prerequisite course, (2) the 300-level international business core requirements, and (3) any course satisfying cross-cultural core and language requirements. A grade of "C-" or higher is required for all transferred coursework applied to the international business core requirements. A grade of "C-" or higher is also required for transferred prerequisite courses. Transferred courses must be approved as equivalent by the College and the relevant department, and are subject to the residency requirements of the College and Department of Business Administration and Economics. In general, 400-level business and economics courses cannot be transferred. After matriculating at SUNY Brockport, students must take all 400-level business and economics courses at SUNY Brockport. Freshman-level two-year college courses generally cannot be transferred as equivalent to 300-level courses, and no two-year college coursework will be transferred as equivalent to any 400-level course.

Time Limitation: Courses completed more than 10 years prior to matriculation (admission) to the College cannot be used to satisfy accounting program requirements. Therefore, courses completed more than 10 years prior to matriculation must be repeated. Under some circumstances, students may request the opportunity to earn course credit by exam rather than repeat the course; contact the department for details. This policy applies both to courses taken at SUNY Brockport and other institutions.

Internships: The Department of Business Administration and Economics encourages student participation in internship experiences relevant to their degree. However, the department limits its support for internship experiences to two internship experiences with a maximum of 15 total credits. Students interested in completing an internship should contact the department's internship coordinator several weeks prior to beginning the internship and complete the appropriate registration forms.

Advisement: Students will be assigned an international business faculty advisor when their Intent to Major form is processed (see Students Who Intend to Major in International Business and Economics paragraph above). International business faculty advisors assist students in academic and career planning, but each student is ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding the degree requirements as specified in this catalog. Advisors assist students by reviewing the courses that the student selects each semester and by approving proposals to meet the foreign experience requirement for the international degree. The advisor also answers questions about degree requirements, course sequencing, transfer course work, electives, careers, and graduate school. In order to support working and non-traditional students, the department also provides academic advisement in the evening and for students whose work or course schedule conflicts with their advisor's office hours. Students who are having difficulty scheduling a meeting with their advisor should call (585) 395-2623 to schedule an appointment with our advisement staff.

International Business Institute: SUNY Brockport's award-winning International Business Institute is an outstanding resource for international business students and the companies that employ them. Through its many activities and programs, the International Business Institute pursues grant funding, trains executives from companies that are first-time exporters, and helps students to develop a better expertise in international business through market research. Through the Institute's Global Export Marketing Services (GEMS) program, students carry out market research for area companies, under close supervision of their faculty advisor. GEMS students have traveled the globe, helping Rochester area businesses to penetrate foreign markets, including Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. For more information, call (585)395-5467 or visit 110 Hartwell Hall.

Course Requirements for the International Business and Economics Major
Students must satisfy (1) prerequisite, (2) international business core, (3) cross-cultural, (4) language, and (5) foreign experience requirements as specified below.

I. Prerequisite Course Requirements (15 credits, completed before declaring the major)
Prerequisite courses provide a foundation for upper division coursework. As described in Course Grade and GPA Requirements for the Major in International Business above, grades in prerequisite courses are used to determine admission to the major. Students must complete the prerequisite courses with an average prerequisite GPA of at least 3.0 and no grade below "C-" to be certain that they will be admitted to the major.

  ECN 201 Principles of Economics (Micro)
  ECN 202 Principles of Economics (Macro)
  ECN 204 Introduction to Statistics
  ACC 280 Introduction to Accounting
  MTH 2XX Calculus-level math requirement


  1. It is expected that full-time students will complete all prerequisite courses no later than the first semester of their junior year. Part-time students should complete prerequisites before undertaking a substantial number of 300-level business courses.
  2. The MTH 2XX requirement is typically satisfied by taking Calculus I (MTH 201), Business Calculus (MTH 221), or Finite Math (MTH 245). However, any mathematics course at or above the level of MTH 201 (excluding MTH 243, 313, and 441) can be used to satisfy the math requirement.
  3. Students may elect to substitute the ACC 285/286 sequence for ACC 280. Students considering graduate school (e.g., MBA) are advised to take ACC 281/282.
  4. An introductory statistics course from another discipline (e.g., psychology) may be substituted for ECN 204. However, credit towards graduation will be allowed for only one introductory statistics course.
II. International Business Core Requirements (27 credits)
  BUS 317 Introduction to Management Information Systems
  BUS 325 Principles of Finance
  BUS 335 Principles of Marketing
  BUS 345 International Business Environment
  BUS 433 International Marketing
  BUS 445 International Financial Management
  ECN 443 International Economics
  ECN 453 Economic Development and Planning
  BUS 462 Quality Management Systems
III. Foreign Language (3 or more credits)
  One 212 (fourth semester) level or higher course in a foreign or second language.
IV. Cross-cultural Core (12 credits)
  Four cross-cultural courses

Cross-cultural courses are typically upper division, internationally focused, social science courses focusing on current cultural issues. With the written approval of the student's advisor, an appropriate internship may also be used to satisfy up to six hours of this requirement. See Suggested Cross-Cultural Courses below.

V. Additional Requirement: Significant Foreign Experience
Students are required to participate in a significant foreign experience. Subject to written approval of the student's advisor and the department, this requirement can be satisfied by (1) completing an overseas (foreign country) internship, (2) participating in a study abroad program, (3) completing an appropriate domestic internship (typically with a local business heavily engaged in international commerce), or (4) completion of two 300-level courses in a foreign language with a grade of "C-" or better in each course. International business majors may not graduate without completing the foreign experience requirement.

In completing the foreign experience requirement, international business and economics majors can take advantage of one of SUNY Brockport's many opportunities to study abroad. Overseas programs may take the form of traditional studies or an internship program. With one of the largest study abroad programs in the nation, SUNY Brockport has programs in England, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Ghana, Jamaica, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Oxford, and many other locations. Summer programs include countries such as Greece, Australia, Mexico, England, and Costa Rica. Internship opportunities are available with many organizations and businesses in Australia, Canada, England, Mexico, Costa Rica, Scotland, and Germany. Students may also use the GEMS program (see International Institute above) to satisfy the foreign experience requirement. Students should consult their advisor to ensure that a particular study abroad program or internship program will count toward completion of the major.

For more information on study abroad, contact Office of International Education, 3102 Morgan III, at (585) 395-2119, 1-(800)-298-SUNY and on international internships, call at (585) 395-5500.

Suggested Cross-cultural Courses
The following courses are approved for use in satisfying cross-cultural core requirements. Additional and/or alternative courses may be approved by the department for inclusion in the cross-cultural core.

AAS 302 History of South Africa
AAS 317 Prejudice, Personality and Culture
AAS 360 (AJWD) Africa Today
AAS 404 Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
AAS 408 Pan-Africans
ANT 321 (AJWE) Culture Change
ANT 322 Culture and Power
ANT 330 (AJ) World Poverty and Underdevelopment
ANT 332 (AJ) China in Transition
ANT 402 Latin America
ANT 404 Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
CMC 418 Cross-cultural Communication
ENL 365 Asia and the West
ENL 366 Arabic Culture and the West
FCE 420 Multiculturalism in the USA
HST 300 Modern Europe
HST 325 Modern Irish History
HST 341 Middle East Crisis
HST 343 (AJ) History of the Soviet Union
HST 356 War Since 1945
HST 361 History of Japan
HST 363 Islam
HST 364 History of Britain
HST 387 Asian Survey
HST 388 Traditional China
HST 424 American Foreign Relations
HST 431 History of Canada
HST 432 20th Century Latin America
HST 435 U.S.-Latin American Relations
HST 449 Europe in the 20th Century
HST 456 Modern France
HST 460 (AJ) Modern Africa
HST 463 Revolution and Communism in China
HST 470 Capitalism and Culture
HST 494 History of Mexico
PLS 304 International Organization Simulations

PLS 305 Politics of European Integration

PLS 333 American Foreign Policy

PLS 338 (AIW) Global Issues

PLS 342 Latin American Politics

PLS 343 Canadian Politics and Society

PLS 348 Politics of the Pacific Rim

PLS 364 Politics of Developing Countries

PLS 383 Middle East in World Politics

PLS 410 International Political Economy

PLS 445 International Law and Organization

PLS 447 Russia in Transition

PLS 470 Nationalism

PLS 475 Political Geography

SOC 306 Social Change in the Third World

SOC 317 Prejudice, Personality and Culture

SWO 321 Cultural Diversity

SOC 325 Social Class, Status and Power

SOC 427 Power in Human Societies

WMS 422 Women's Education In Developing World


The information in this publication was current as of December 2002 when the text was compiled. Changes, including but not restricted to, tuition and fees, course descriptions, degree and program requirements, policies, and financial aid availability may have occurred since that time. Whether or not a specific course is scheduled for a given term is contingent on enrollment, budget and staffing. The college reserves the right to make any changes it finds necessary and may announce such changes for student notification in publications other than the College catalogs. For the purpose of degree and program completion, students are bound by the requirements in effect as stated in the printed catalog at the time of their matriculation at SUNY Brockport. Inquiries on the current status of requirements can be addressed to the appropriate College department of office. Also refer to the Brockport Web site home page at for current information.