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Graduate Studies Catalog 2007-2009

Department of Philosophy

(585) 395-2420

Chairman and Professor: Georges Dicker, PhD, University of Wisconsin; University Professor: Paul Yu, PhD, University of Michigan; Professor: Harold Greenstein, PhD, New York University; Associate Professors: Gordon Barnes, PhD, University of Wisconsin; Catherine McKeen, PhD, Rutgers University; Visiting Assistant Professors: Robert Kieffer, PhD, State University at Buffalo; Benjamin Rider, PhD, University of Texas; Lecturer: Yvgenia Skorobogatov-Gray, PhD, Binghamton University (SUNY).

The Department of Philosophy offers graduate courses that may be applied as requirements and/or electives in degree programs as determined through the advisement process.


PHL 528 Philosophy of Art (A). Critically examines competing answers to selected central questions in the philosophy of art using contemporary as well as historical writings. Includes these topics: the definition of art, the nature of artistic expression, validity in interpretation, what makes art representational and the nature of creativity. 3 Cr. PHL 591 Seminar in Individual Ph

PHL 591 Seminar in Individual Philosophers (A). Provides an in-depth study of the writings of one or two major philosophers, such as Descartes, Hume, Kant, Dewey, Sartre and Rawls. Content varies with appropriate subtitles provided. May be repeated as subtitle varies. 3 Cr.

The information in this publication was current as of Summer 2007 when the text was compiled. Changes, including but not restricted to, tuition and fees, course descriptions, degree and program requirements, policies, and financial aid eligibility may have occurred since that time. Whether or not a specific course is scheduled for a given term is contingent on enrollment, budget support and staffing. The College reserves the right to make any changes it finds necessary and may announce such changes for student notification in publications other than the College catalogs. For the purposes of degree and program completion, students are bound by the requirements in effect as stated in the printed catalog at the time of their matriculation at SUNY Brockport. Students matriculated in summer are bound by the catalog in effect the following fall semester. Inquiries on the current status of requirements can be addressed to the appropriate College department or office. Also refer to the Brockport Web site home page at for current information. Printed Summer 2007