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Undergraduate Studies Catalog 2007-2009

Film Studies—Interdisciplinary Minor

The film studies program is an interdisciplinary minor designed to aid students in developing a broad understanding of the history of film, an awareness of film language used by filmmakers, and a critical viewing ability. The faculty for the program have been drawn from the Departments of Anthropology, Art and Art History, Communication, English and History; they bring a variety of experience and perspectives to the study of film.

Students interested in the film studies program should contact The Department of Film Studies, Dr. Rashna Richards, 201B Hartwell Hall, (585) 395-5830, or at

The film studies minor requires the completion of 16-18 credits as follows:

Courses Credits
ENL 200 Art of the Film 3
FLM 301 Theory and Criticism of Film 3
FLM 302 Documentary and Experimental Film 3
One course under the category Film and Society, by advisement 3
Additional Film Studies courses, by advisement 6

*NOTE: Student may substitute courses in video or film production (e.g. ART 415, CMC 348) for the documentary requirement. See the film studies advisor for approval.

Film Studies Courses

FLM 301 Theory and Criticism of Film (A,D,W). Introduces and develops a specialized set of advanced critical tools used to evaluate, explicate, and interrogate filmic texts. 3 Cr. FLM 302 Documentary and Experime

FLM 404 Documentary Video Production (A). Provides an introduction to video production, emphasizing the pre-production process: selection of EFP equipment; developing a framework for documentary production, including appropriate references; and preparing to interview experts. Entails some discussion of computer shot logs, time coding, video-to-audio transfers for transcriptions, and the preparation of narrative. Requires no production experience and includes no editing. 3 Cr.

FLM 490 Topics in Film (A). Addresses current topics, issues, controversies, etc. in film studies. Specific topics vary each semester. Descriptions of specific topics offered may be obtained from the director of film studies. May be taken more than once for credit if the topics differ. 3 Cr.

FLM 491 Seminar in Film (A). To be defined by the instructor in accordance with the specific subject matter covered that semester. Content varies with the appropriate subtitles provided. Example: “The Coen Brothers”. 3 Cr.

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