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Brockport / Catalogs / 2013-14 / Courses / Undergraduate / Counselor Education

Undergraduate Counselor Education Courses

EDC 201 Life/Career Planning for Adults (B). For adults desiring to determine future goals. Allows students to assess their ideal goals, interests, abilities and skills through class discussion, assigned readings and papers. Allows students to decide on future directions. 1 Cr.

EDC 202 Career Management (A). Helps students develop an understanding that career planning and the development process is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process that requires personal attention and involvement. Prepares students for transition from college to professional workplace, focusing on career goals and developing skills to produce job-search correspondence. 1 cr. 1 Cr.

EDC 301 Introduction to Counseling (B). Provides an overview and general understanding of the professional practice of counseling, including historical perspectives, basic concepts, major theoretical approaches, basic techniques and skills used by counselors, the process of counseling, and the various roles played by professional counselors in diverse settings. Course concepts are presented in both lecture and experiential formats. 3 Cr. 3 Cr.

EDC 302 Achieving Helping Relations in College Residence Halls (B). Explores the role and responsibilities of the college resident assistant. Allows students to develop and practice the skills of assertiveness, conflict management, empathic listening, helping, self-awareness and self-disclosure. Allows these skills to be applied to the college environment and to current issues facing college resident assistants. 3 Cr. Every Semester.