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Brockport / Catalogs / 2013-14 / Courses / Undergraduate / Honors Program

Undergraduate Honors Program Courses

HON 112 Introduction to Honors (A,D,Q,W). Required of all students entering the College Honors Program and fulfills the General Education requirements for composition, academic planning, humanities, perspectives on women and diversity. Also offers students an introduction of studies in Honors. 4 Cr.

HON 395 Junior Colloquium (A,Z,H,O). Required of all students in College Honors or Senior Honors. Designed for either the fall or spring of the junior year to prepare students for the research skills necessary to complete an Honors thesis. Students will select a thesis topic, identify a thesis advisor and draft a thesis proposal. 1 Cr.

HON 490 Senior Honors Thesis (A,Z,H,O). Prerequisite: HON 395. Required of all students in College Honors and Senior Honors. Introduces students to the ideals and standards of excellence in scholarship and other creative endeavors under the close supervision of a faculty advisor. Provides students with the opportunity to extend current understanding of a problem with original research, to summarize existing research, to generate new knowledge, or to create new works. 1-3 Cr.