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African and African-American Studies Minor


The African and African-American Studies program is organized around the liberal arts. Core area subjects are selected from topics on Africa, on African-Americans in the United States, on the Caribbean and on other parts of the Third World. The minor makes an excellent complementary area of study with History, English, Political Science, Anthropology, Communication, Social Work, Sociology, and many other fields.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can pursue the minor in African and African-American Studies.

Program Requirements

Students minoring in African and African-American Studies must complete 18 credits in courses offered by the department. These must include six credits of basic core courses plus 12 additional upper-division credits from courses offered through the department.

Required Basic Core (6 credits, 2 courses)

  • AAS100 Introduction to African-American Studies
  • AAS104 Institutional Racism
  • AAS113 Introduction to Afro-American History
  • AAS204 African Politics and Society
  • AAS215 Caribbean History
  • AAS235 Introduction to African-American Literature

Department of African and African-American Studies

Department Chair: Michael Boston
Location: Hartwell Hall 204
Visit Website
Phone: (585) 395-2470
Fax: (585) 395-5085

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Faculty & Staff

Michael B Boston Ph.D
(SUNY At Buffalo)
Associate Professor

Michael D Campbell MA
(SUNY At Albany)
Adjunct Lecturer

Kristin J Hocker EDD
(University Of Rochester)
Adjunct Lecturer

Roy W King JD
(Syracuse University)

John K Marah EDD
(Syracuse University)

Yulanda M McKinney MA
(University Of Rochester)
Adjunct Lecturer