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Computer Information Systems Minor


Computer Information Systems is the study of the use of computers for systematic organization of data that supports efficient and accurate collection, processing, analysis, and retrieval of information. An information system specialist applies existing technology to solve real world problems. The Computer Information Systems minor provides students with an overview of the fundamental concepts of the discipline.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this minor.

Program Requirements

The minor consists of 18 credits. At least 9 credits must be taken at The College at Brockport.

Note: The prerequisite courses are CIS 106, CSC 120, and MTH 122

Required Courses (8 credits)

  • CSC 203 Fundamentals of Computer Science I (4 credits)
  • CIS 202 Fundamentals of Information Systems (3 credits)
  • CIS 206 IT Tools (1 credit)

Elective Courses (10 credits)

Students select from the following options:

Department of Computing Sciences

Department Chair: Kadathur Lakshmanan
Location: Brown 208
Visit Website
Phone: (585) 395-2146
Fax: (585) 395-2304

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Faculty & Staff

Michele M Barnard-DeCann MS
(Rochester Institute Of Technology)

Barry C Chow MFA
(SUNY College At Brockport)

Donna J Ehrhart MS
(Syracuse University)

Mehruz Kamal Ph.D
(University Of Nebraska At Omaha)
Associate Professor

Kadathur B Lakshmanan Ph.D
(Ohio State University-Main Campus)
Professor and Chair

Joan M Lucas Ph.D
(Princeton University)

Sandeep R Mitra Ph.D
(SUNY At Binghamton)

Timothy P Mullins MS
(SUNY At Binghamton)

Lisa Noreck
Secretary 1

Kulathur Rajasethupathy Ph.D
(Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
Professor + Dir Mals

Thambrahalli M Rao Ph.D
(Indian Institute of Science - Bangalore)
Professor and Associate Dean

Daniel F Rogers MS
(Syracuse University)

Anthony Scime DA
(George Mason University)
Associate Professor

Christine E Wania Ph.D
(Drexel University)
Assistant Professor

Robert S Winter EDS
(Kent State University-Main Campus)