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Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing


The 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing allows writers of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction the opportunity to practice and hone their craft without committing to a full masters program. It may be taken by students who are pursuing graduate studies in other areas, or by students who wish to explore their interest and aptitude for further work or study in creative writing.

Courses taken in the certificate program may also apply towards the MA in English.

Admission to the Program

Students may be matriculated or non-matriculated graduate students, but must be formally admitted to the program. Applicants must meet the same requirements as for the MA in English, Creative Writing Track, including submission of a writing sample for review by the creative writing faculty.

Program Requirements (15 credits)

  • ENG 595 Writer's Craft
  • ENG 603 Seminar in Creative Writing
  • ENG 691 Prose Workshop
  • ENG 692 Poetry Workshop
  • one English Elective (3 Cr.)

Department of English

Department Chair: Jennifer Haytock
Location: Liberal Arts 230
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Phone: (585) 395-2503
Fax: (585) 395-2391

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Faculty & Staff

Sharon L Allen Ph.D
(Princeton University)
Associate Professor

Robert Baker
Coordinator of Composition

Ralph W Black Ph.D
(New York University)
Associate Professor + Co-Director, Writers Forum

Miriam E Burstein Ph.D
(University Of Chicago)

Austin M Busch Ph.D
(Indiana University-Bloomington)
Associate Professor

Michael S Chojnowski MA
(SUNY At Fredonia)

Barbara-Ann Clifton MA
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Brooke A Conti Ph.D
(Yale University)
Associate Professor

April Daniels MA
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Stephen Fellner Ph.D
(University Of Utah)
Associate Professor

T Gregory Garvey Ph.D
(University Of Wisconsin-Madison)

Monica Gilligan MS
(SUNY At Buffalo)

Jennifer Haytock Ph.D
(University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill)
Professor and Chair

Janie W Hinds Ph.D
(University Of Tulsa)

Latasha Johnson MS
(Saint John Fisher College)
Graduate Assistant

Stefan Jurasinski Ph.D
(Indiana University-Kokomo)
Associate Professor

Alissa G Karl Ph.D
(University Of Washington-Seattle Campus)
Associate Professor

Alicia L Kerfoot Ph.D
(McMaster University)
Assistant Professor

J Roger Kurtz Ph.D
(University Of Iowa)
Prof English + Interim Chair African + African Amer Studies

Sarah Liu BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Graduate Assistant

Jerremy Lorch BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Graduate Assistant

Travis Matteson MA
(Saint Bonaventure University)
Adjunct Lecturer

Shayna J Neer BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Meg A Norcia Ph.D
(University Of Florida)
Associate Professor

Megan L Obourn Ph.D
(New York University)
Associate Professor

Anne M Panning Ph.D
(University Of Hawaii At Manoa)
Professor + Co-Director, Writers Forum

Sandra J Parker
Teaching Assistant

Kristen Proehl Ph.D
(College Of William And Mary)
Assistant Professor

Sidney Rosenzweig Ph.D
(University Of Rochester)

Michael D Slater Ph.D
(Northwestern University)
Assistant Professor

Carter Soles Ph.D
(University Of Oregon)
Assistant Professor

Althea Tait Ph.D
(Morgan State University)
Assistant Professor

Sevinc Turkkan Ph.D
(University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign)
Visiting Assistant Professor

Susan L Vasquez BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Secretary 1

James Whorton Ph.D
(University Of Southern Mississippi)
Associate Professor + Associate Chair

Kelley W Zanghi MA
(SUNY At Fredonia)