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Childhood Inclusive Education Program, Grades 1-6


The Department of Education and Human Development offers a Childhood Inclusive Education Program that includes initial dual certification in Childhood and Students with Disabilities, Grades 1- 6, qualifying teacher candidates to teach in general and special education/inclusive classrooms.

Certification in Childhood Inclusive Education requires students to complete an appropriate major in one of the College's academic departments. Education is not an academic major at Brockport. Approved majors are listed below under Program Requirements. Specific advisement is provided for both the academic major and the certification program.

Students should contact the Department of Education and Human Development about educational certification requirements and their academic department about major and General Education requirements as early as possible when planning their programs.

Admission to the Program

In order to begin this program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of 45 credits of college-level work
  • Cumulative GPA > 2.5 earned at Brockport and prior college(s)
  • Two recommendations: recent college professor and professional recommendation (volunteer or work experience)
  • Enrollment in one of the approved academic majors
  • Submission of application essay

Program Requirements

All EDI courses require a minimum grade of "C+."

Teacher candidates are responsible for their own transportation for all off-campus field experiences, including student teaching.

General Education Requirements

Teacher candidates must meet the General Education requirements in effect at the time of matriculation.

Pre-professional Preparation: Academic Major

Teacher candidates seeking certification in Childhood Inclusive Education must complete one of the following academic majors prior to graduation:

Pre-professional Preparation: Arts and Science Cognates

In addition to choosing one of the majors listed above, all Childhood Inclusive teacher candidates must complete the following cognate courses, some of which may also meet requirements in the major and/or General Education core. The following courses fulfill the liberal arts cognate requirements in the Childhood Inclusive Program and may be taken prior to acceptance into the program.

Foreign Language

One year of college-level study or its equivalent of a language other than English with a minimum grade of "C" at the 112 level. American Sign Language can be used to fulfill this requirement.

Professional Preparation: Education Courses (46 credits)


  • *: PSH 384, PRO 370 and EDI 413 may be taken prior to program acceptance.
  • **: EDI 330, 414 and 417 require a 50-hour field experience beyond class time.
  • PSH 384 and PRO 370 require a minimum grade of "C."
  • All pre-professional cognates and professional courses in Phases 1-3 must be completed prior to student teaching


Students who complete this program are eligible for the College’s recommendation for New York State certification. Program completion and submission of the recommendation request form are also required to secure the College’s recommendation. Additional New York state certification requirements must be satisfied to earn certification. Students are advised to consult the Brockport Certification Office.

Department of Education and Human Development

Department Chair: Sue Robb
Location: Brown 282
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Phone: (585) 395-2205
Fax: (585) 395-2172

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