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Environmental Science and Biology BS/MS Combined Degree Program


This combined degree program enables students to complete their bachelor of science and master of science in environmental science and biology in an accelerated fashion, in as little as five years. When qualified Brockport undergraduate environmental science and biology majors are admitted to this combined degree program, they may take up to 12 graduate credits of coursework in environmental science and biology, all at the undergraduate tuition rate. These credits may apply to undergraduate and graduate degree requirements simultaneously. Upon finishing all undergraduate degree requirements and graduating in good academic standing in the combined degree program, students matriculate directly into the master of science in environmental science and biology program.

Admission to the Program

Admission to the combined degree program is highly selective, restricted to Brockport students with exceptional academic records and subject to the availability of a faculty member able to serve as a thesis advisor. Admission is restricted to Brockport undergraduate environmental science and biology students who have:

  • completed at least 75 undergraduate credits, with at least 15 credits at Brockport
  • a cumulative Brockport GPA of at least 3.4

Before submitting the online application for this combined degree program, qualified students should speak with the department graduate coordinator and with a faculty member whould accept the student as a thesis advisee. For best consideration, applications are due November 14 of the applicant's junior year.

Applications include:

  • general personal information
  • a statement of objectives
  • a writing sample illustrating scientific writing skills
  • two letters of recommendation

Achievement of the minimum standards for admission does not guarantee acceptance.

Program Requirements

Taking Graduate Classes as a Combined Degree Student

Once admitted to this combined degree program, undergraduate students can take up to 12 graduate credits of coursework in environmental science and biology at the undergraduate tuition rate. Depending on the student’s undergraduate major track, up to 12 of these credits, per faculty advisement, can fulfill requirements for the Environmental Science and Biology major. The remaining graduate credits can satisfy general credit requirements for the undergraduate degree. These credits can fulfill requirements for the master of science in environmental science and biology once students matriculate into that program.

When combined degree students have fulfilled all requirements for their environmental science and biology major and their undergraduate degree, they may no longer take graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rate. Furthermore, no more than 12 graduate credits taken as undergraduates at Brockport can transfer into their graduate degree program and fulfill its course requirements.

Maintaining Good Academic Standing in the Program

To remain in good academic standing, combined degree students must:

  • complete all requirements for the bachelor of science degree within three semesters in combined degree status; and
  • maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in all undergraduate and graduate course.

Students who are dismissed or choose to dematriculate from the combined degree program, can complete outstanding requirements for the undergraduate major and degree. If such a student subsequently applies for the graduate program, those credits may be transferred to fulfill graduate degree requirements.

Matriculation into the Graduate Program

When undergraduate students in good academic standing in this combined degree program graduate from Brockport, they are eligible to automatically matriculate into the master of science in environmental science and biology program.  All Brockport graduate academic policies will then apply to them.

Department of Environmental Science and Biology

Department Chair: Christopher Norment
Location: Lennon 105
Visit Website
Phone: (585) 395-5975
Fax: (585) 395-5969

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Faculty & Staff

Kathryn L Amatangelo Ph.D
(Stanford University)
Assistant Professor

Deborah A Dilker BS
(SUNY Empire State College)
Secretary 1

Andrea Graham BS
(Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus)
Instructional Support Associate

James M Haynes Ph.D
(University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Bradley M Mudrzynski MS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Bradley M Mudrzynski MS
Research Scientist/Adjunct Lecturer

Amanda Napieralski BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Teaching Assistant

Christopher J Norment Ph.D
(University Of Kansas Main Campus)
Professor and Chair

Jon M Podoliak BS
(Clarkson University)
Teaching Assistant

Norma A Polizzi JD
(SUNY At Buffalo)
Adjunct Lecturer

Jacques J Rinchard Ph.D
(University of Namur)
Associate Professor

Douglas A Wilcox Ph.D
(Purdue University-Main Campus)
E. I. Prof. of Wetland Science

Clayton J Williams Ph.D
(Florida International University)
Assistant Professor

Earth Sciences Faculty & Staff

Whitney J Autin Ph.D
(Louisiana State University + Agricultural + Mechan)

Dave Boehm MS
(SUNY At Buffalo)

Stephen Jessup Ph.D
(Cornell University)
Assistant Professor

Lauri A Kifer AAS
(Monroe Community College)
Secretary 1

Leigh J Little Ph.D
(Arizona State University At The Tempe Campus)
Associate Professor

Judy Massare Ph.D
(Johns Hopkins University)

Thomas M McDermott BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Systems Administrator

Mark R Noll Ph.D
(University Of Delaware)
Professor and Chair

Paul Richards Ph.D
(Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus)
Associate Professor

Scott M Rochette Ph.D
(Saint Louis University-Main Campus)
Associate Professor

Robert S Weinbeck Ph.D
(Iowa State University)
Assoc Prof

James A Zollweg Ph.D
(Cornell University)
Associate Professor