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Environmental Science Minor


The environmental science minor (18 credits) prepares the student for postgraduate education or employment in environmentally related fields (e.g., environmental health and safety, government policy-making, non-governmental organizations). To ensure maximum breadth and depth of training, the schedule of elective courses for the minor in environmental science must be in science disciplines other than the student’s own major and be formally developed with the department chairperson.

What can I do with an environmental science minor?

Admission to the Program

The environmental science minor is designed for science majors but any undergraduate student can declare the environmental science minor. Non-science majors should consider the minor in environmental studies.

Program Requirements

  • ENV202
  • ENV303
  • ENV452

Total Number of Credits: 18

Department of Environmental Science and Biology

Department Chair: Christopher Norment
Location: Lennon 105
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Phone: (585) 395-5975
Fax: (585) 395-5969

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Faculty & Staff

Kathryn L Amatangelo Ph.D
(Stanford University)
Assistant Professor

Deborah A Dilker BS
(SUNY Empire State College)
Secretary 1

Andrea Graham BS
(Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus)
Instructional Support Associate

James M Haynes Ph.D
(University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Bradley M Mudrzynski MS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Bradley M Mudrzynski MS
Research Scientist/Adjunct Lecturer

Amanda Napieralski BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Teaching Assistant

Christopher J Norment Ph.D
(University Of Kansas Main Campus)
Professor and Chair

Jon M Podoliak BS
(Clarkson University)
Teaching Assistant

Norma A Polizzi JD
(SUNY At Buffalo)
Adjunct Lecturer

Jacques J Rinchard Ph.D
(University of Namur)
Associate Professor

Douglas A Wilcox Ph.D
(Purdue University-Main Campus)
E. I. Prof. of Wetland Science

Clayton J Williams Ph.D
(Florida International University)
Assistant Professor