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French Minor


Why minor in French? Nearly eighty million people speak French as a native language and more than 200 million speak it across the globe. It is both a working language and an official language of the European Union, the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO and the International Olympic Committee.

Learning the French language and the cultures of the 33 countries where it is an official language is important for many majors including International Business and International Studies. As the world's number-three destination for foreign investment and its fifth largest economy, France is a crucial economic partner. Achieving a French minor provides students with the appropriate level of proficiency in the language to handle communication tasks necessary for government agencies and private companies with an international reach. Students acquire knowledge of the cultures related to the language studied, making them better able to understand and work with these communities. Knowledge of another language and culture is also desirable in many other professions. Students who compliment their degree in health care, social work, criminal justice, communications with the study of languages and cultures are better able to understand, serve, and communicate with the diverse population in the US. The courses offered for the French minor teach students to identify and appreciate cultural connections and differences, helping them grow into their role as global citizens.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this minor.

Program Requirements

All courses in the minor must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher. Courses with grades lower than "C" must be repeated.

The minor in French consists of 18 credits as follows:

Required Courses

  • FRN 350 Conversing with French Cinema
  • FRN 351 Compose Yourself: Writing in French
  • FRN 352 French Culture and Civilization in Four Senses
  • FRN 355 Couscous, Coca-Cola, and Camembert: France Today


  • TWO elective courses; ONE of which must be at the 400-level

Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Department Chair: Andrea Parada
Location: Liberal Arts 131
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Phone: (585) 395-2269
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Faculty & Staff

Anthony A Aponte MS
(SUNY College At Brockport)

Ewelina Barski-Moskal Ph.D
(University of Western Ontario)
Assistant Professor

Dorene Estrada MA
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Shan Feng MS
(Southeast University)

LuAnne Jewell
Secretary 1

Rita Kuzma MED
(SUNY At Buffalo)

Christina Leavitt-Garitselov MSED
(SUNY College At Brockport)

Rachel A Linville Ph.D
(University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill)
Associate Professor

El Haj Marigh BA
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Adjunct Lecturer

Beatriz Muller-Marques MA
(University Of South Florida)
Visiting Assistant Professor

Skye Paine
Assistant Professor

Andrea Parada Ph.D
(University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor)
Professor + Interim Chair

Susan Rizzo MS
(Rochester Institute Of Technology)
Lecturer (csl)

Nathaniel Sluk MA
(University Of Rochester)
Adjunct Lecturer

Ismael Souto Rumbo MA
(University Of Kansas Main Campus)
Visiting Assistant Professor

Emiko Takai MA
(SUNY At Buffalo)

Ida G Wilder MSED
(Nazareth College Of Rochester)

Donna Wilkerson-Barker Ph.D
(University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill)
Associate Professor