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History Major


History enables us to understand the world we live in through the exploration of how it came to be. It furnishes insight into our own and different cultures across the globe and provides an essential foundation to being an informed national and global citizen. The history major provides an opportunity to develop critical thinking, research and communication skills well suited to a wide range of rewarding careers, including law, business, public administration, journalism, information technology/library science, publishing, urban and regional planning, social work, and government. In sum, the study of history leads to skills and sensibilities that will enrich students' lives and enable them to be successful leaders in their careers and communities.

The Department of History offers students a comprehensive range of courses that cover the United States and the rest of the world across all time periods. In addition, they feature a diverse array of topics, including military history, women's history, Native American history, film history, the history of science & technology, and legal/constitutional history. The history major is flexible and allows students to select classes that match their interests and enables them to focus their studies on a specific time, place, or issue.

In addition to the regular major, the program offers a more proscribed course of study that provides the breadth of knowledge required for students seeking teaching certification.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare a major in history.

Program Requirements

Students in the history major pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete the corresponding degree's requirements.

The history major consists of 36 credits of history courses, 18 of which must be 300/400-level courses taken at Brockport. Only courses in which a grade of "C" or higher is earned are accepted as part of these requirements. Students entering the College as transfers may be exempted from HST 201 and 202 if they have completed six credits in Western Civilization courses at another institution. All other requirements are the same.

History Major

This course of study applies to those students who are not pursuing teacher certification.

  • HST 201 Ancient World
  • HST 202 Modern World
  • HST 211 Early America
  • HST 212 Modern America
  • HST 390 Research Methods

History Major - Adolescence Social Studies Certification Track

History majors seeking certification to teach adolescent social studies must complete the following Adolescent Teacher Certification prorgam to complete the academic requirements to be eligible for teacher certification.

Students seeking teacher certification must also complete 12 credits (four courses) of Social Science corequisites:

  • ESC 102 Elements of Geography
  • PLS 113 American Political Systems

Department of History

Department Chair: Jose Torre
Location: Liberal Arts 308
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Phone: (585) 395-2377
Fax: (585) 395-2620

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Faculty & Staff

Katherine Clark Ph.D
(Indiana University-Bloomington)
Associate Professor

John P Daly Ph.D
(Rice University)
Associate Professor

Carl Davila Ph.D
(Yale University)
Associate Professor + Associate Chair

Owen S Ireland Ph.D
(University Of Pittsburgh-Main Campus)
Distinguished Teaching Professor

Andrew H Kless MA
(Syracuse University)
Adjunct Lecturer

W Bruce Leslie Ph.D
(Johns Hopkins University)
Distinguished Service Professor

Anne S Macpherson Ph.D
(University Of Wisconsin-Madison)
Associate Professor

Salahuddin Malik Ph.D
(McGill University)

Morag S Martin Ph.D
(University Of California-Irvine)
Associate Professor

Paul B Moyer Ph.D
(College Of William And Mary)
Professor and Associate Chair

Stephen T Neese Ph.D
(George Washington University)

Takashi Nishiyama Ph.D
(Ohio State University-Main Campus)
Associate Professor

Martin T Norment BA
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Teaching Assistant

Kenneth P O'Brien Ph.D
(Northwestern University)
Associate Professor + Director of Transfer Articulation

Alison M Parker Ph.D
(Johns Hopkins University)

Stephanie G Pawlicki BS
(SUNY College At Brockport)
Teaching Assistant

Christopher Pedersen Ph.D
(University Of Rochester)
Adjunct Lecturer

Meredith L Roman Ph.D
(Michigan State University)
Associate Professor

Teri L Rombaut BA
(Blackburn College)
Secretary 1

Angela Thompsell Ph.D
(University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor)
Associate Professor

Jose R Torre Ph.D
(SUNY At Binghamton)
Associate Professor and Chair