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International Studies Minor


International studies is an interdisciplinary field that includes the subjects of international politics and political economy, foreign languages, political geography, history, culture and ethnic nationalism. The minor complements the study of many fields because it centers on the international domain within which a wide range of careers operate.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can pursue the minor in international studies.

Program Requirements

The International Studies minor consists of 18 credits of coursework (six courses).

  • PLS 111 International Relations
  • PLS 112 Comparative Politics

Department of Political Science and International Studies

Department Chair: Dena Levy
Location: Hartwell 211
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Phone: (585) 395-2584
Fax: (585) 395-5679

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Faculty & Staff

Geoffrey C Bauer MA
(SUNY At Buffalo)

Mark J Chadsey Ph.D
(SUNY At Buffalo)
Associate Professor + Interim Chair

Muditha Halliyadde JSD
(Indiana University-Bloomington)
Adjunct Lecturer

Steven J Jurek Ph.D
(SUNY At Buffalo)
Associate Professor

Jean Kachiga Ph.D
(University of Frankfurt)
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dena B Levy Ph.D
(University Of Iowa)
Associate Professor and Chair

Martin McCarthy JD
(SUNY At Buffalo)
Adjunct Lecturer

Susan E Orr Ph.D
(University Of Florida)
Associate Professor

Sandy M Persons
Keyboard Specialist 1

Andrea Rubery Ph.D
(Georgetown University)

Nilay Saiya Ph.D
(University Of Notre Dame)
Assistant Professor

Robert Shum Ph.D
(Johns Hopkins University)
Assistant Professor