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Recreation and Leisure Studies Major


Recreation and leisure is one of the most exciting and diverse human service professions. The field provides opportunities to work with all types of people in a variety of settings, addressing the potential and problems of leisure in modern society. Students are required to chose one of three concentrations.

  • Students studying recreation management will qualify for employment in a variety of settings including military, public, private, campus, commercial, and corporate - sector recreation.
  • Students studying therapeutic recreation will qualify for employment in clinical, transitional, juvenile and community settings, such as hospitals; nursing homes; schools or residential centers; treatment centers; centers for physical medicine and rehabilitation; psychiatric institutions; and public, private and volunteer agencies.
  • Students pursuing the tourism management concentration will be prepared for professional positions in resorts and other tourism settings by participating in a curriculum that covers a diverse body of knowledge including sustainability, marketing, planning, operations, entrepreneurship, event planning and financial management

All of the concentrations provide students with academic and experiential opportunities that foster an exciting undergraduate experience and a challenging professional opportunity.

Admission to the Program

Any undergradaute student can declare this major.

Program Requirements

Students in the Recreation and Leisure Studies major pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete its requirements.

A grade of "C" or better is required for all REL courses in the major. Transfer courses graded below a "C" will not satisfy major requirements.

All students are required to have a valid CPR/First Aid certificate and are required to complete the New York State Child Abuse Reporter Training in order to graduate from the program.

Students are required to complete the following:

Core Courses (41.5 credits)

  • REL 302 Leisure and the Individual and Society
  • REL 306 Recreation for Persons with Differing Abilities
  • REL 307 Applied Studies in Recreation and Leisure
  • REL 308 Recreation Programming and Leadership
  • REL 312 Management of Recreation and Leisure Services
  • REL 402 Current Leisure Problems and Issues
  • REL 403 Practicum
  • REL 410 Research and Evaluation in Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • REL 414 Planning, Design, and Management of Recreation and Leisure Facilities
  • PRO 401 Professional Preparation
  • PRO 421 Field Experience

Guided Electives (18 credits)

Students are required to take a statistics course. Other courses may be determined through advisement.

Concentrations (15 credits)

Students pursue a concentration in either:

Recreation Management Concentration (15 credits)

The recreation management concentration prepares students for professional positions in government recreation, nonprofit sectors, and corporate and commercial recreation settings. Students pursuing this concentration must complete 15 credits from the following course list:

  • REL 313 Economic and Community Development in Recreation
  • REL 411 The Recreation Legal Environment
  • REL 416 Management of Non-Profit Leisure Service Organizations

Tourism Management Concentration (15 credits)

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. It has also evolved into a diverse industry with sub-sectors including cultural and heritage tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, and much more. The tourism management concentration prepares students for professional positions in resorts and other tourism settings by offering a curriculum that covers a diverse body of knowledge including sustainability, marketing, planning, operations, entrepreneurship, event planning and financial management. The concentration works with other academic departments to provide support courses to maximize the interdisciplinary capacity of the discipline. It also works closely with industry professionals nationally and internationally to provide internship opportunities of the highest caliber.

  • REL 314 Tourism Principles
  • REL 395 Sustainable Development and Management in Recreation and Tourism
  • REL 430 Special Event Planning

Therapeutic Recreation Concentration (15 credits)

The therapeutic recreation concentration prepares students for positions as therapeutic recreation specialists in clinical, transitional and community settings. Students pursuing this concentration must complete the following five courses:

  • REL 305 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
  • REL 320 Leisure Education in Therapeutic Recreation
  • REL 407 Methods of Therapeutic Recreation
  • REL 408 Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
  • REL 412 Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation

Students electing therapeutic recreation as their concentration must be aware that Certification is administered through The National Council on Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC), a professional organization. The program is constructed so that students are eligible to sit for the professional certification examination at the time of their graduation. However, because NCTRC controls the criteria for eligibility this College and Department cannot be held responsible for changes made by the NCTRC during your matriculation and after your graduation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of certification requirements, students in the therapeutic recreation concentration have less freedom with respect to choice of electives. Ten credits of the guided electives must be BIO 221 (4 cr.) or BIO 321 (4 cr.), PSH 334 and PRO 204. This leaves only six credits of the required 18 credits to be chosen as free electives. Therapeutic recreation students are required to take REL 305 as a prerequisite or corequisite for any other REL course work in therapeutic recreation.

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Department Chair: Lynda Cochran
Location: Hartwell 23
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Phone: (585) 395-2994
Fax: (585) 395-5246

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