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Manager Development Program

About the Program

The comprehensive Manager Development Program will help employees in supervisory and management positions enhance their skills and confidence by training them in the soft skills they need to lead others effectively. Indivuduals may register for the full program and gain a certificate of completion, or select specific modules according to their immediate development needs. Each half-day module is offered several times throughout the year.

Topics to be Covered

Module 1 - Orientation:  Expectations and how to get the most from the program

Module 2 - Self-Assessment:  Work style, manager skills, talents, and blind spots

Module 3 - Essential Skills:  Manageing time and priorities, goal setting, and motivation

Module 4 - Interpersonal Skills:  Communication and assertiveness

Module 5 - Supervisory Skills:  Effective performance management, delegating, and coaching

Module 6 - Teams:  Team development/dynamics and effective meetings

Module 7 - Developing Others:  Succession planning and individual development planning

Module 8 - Difficult Conversations:  Dealing with conflict and tackling problems

Module 9 - Challenges:  Managing change, stress, and wellbeing

Module 10 - Review:  Repeat self-assessment and future development planning

Please note:

Sessions 1, 2 and 10 are primarily aimed at individuals who intend to complete the full Manager Development Program and earn a certificate. In this case, workshops 1 and 2 should be completed before any of the others and session 10 should be completed last and will be scheduled at a time to suit each individual participant.

Workshops 3 through 9 may be completed in any order and each can stand alone for individuals who wish to select from this menu of workshops rather than attend all of them.

Dates, Times and Locations

Call the College's Center for Continuing Professional Education at (585) 395-2317 for more information.

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