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FAQs - College Endorsement

  1. What does the college recommendation mean? All students seeking certification as the result of completing an approved college program at Brockport must request and receive the college’s recommendation as a requirement for certification.

    If you expect to graduate at the end of this semester, and have *not already submitted a Brockport Recommendation Form, please do so by completing the Recommendation Form and submit to the Brockport Certification Office.

    *Please note that all undergraduate teacher candidates are asked to complete the Recommendation Form during their student teaching semester. EHD candidates during their Student Teaching Workshop prior to the start of the semester. Physical Education candidates during their Student Teaching Workshop prior to the start of the semester. Health Education candidates through a certification presentation during their final year in the program.

    Once you are eligible for that recommendation (see #2 below) the Brockport Certification Office will transmit the recommendation to your TEACH account. You will be able to view that recommendation by logging in to your TEACH account and searching your Account Information.

    The college recommendation confirms for NY State that you have completed all required academic coursework and workshops associated with the certificate(s) you seek as a result of completing your college approved program. The college recommendation does not however confirm completion of other certification requirements such as fingerprinting and passing of all necessary state exams.

  2. When will The College at Brockport recommend me for certification? After your degree is awarded by the College (degree date posted to your transcript) and you have filed a College Recommendation Form with the Brockport Certification Office.

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Last Updated 10/28/14