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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

News and Announcements
Upcoming Seminar (3/3/16,11:00, room 114 Smith Hall)
Mr. Travis Ely
"Probing of Possible Olanzapine Binding Site on Human Serum Albumin: Combination of Spectroscopic Methods and Molecular Dynamics Simulation"

Ms. Aubree Schrader
"Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Class of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors"

Congratulations to Rebecca Gerling, Dr. Brown and Dr. Bunch!
Ms. Gerling gave an oral presentation on the research she has done in Dr. Brown's lab at the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When you choose to major in chemistry or biochemistry, you are tapping into a field that can enable a deeper understanding "how stuff works" in the world around us. One direct result of this understanding is marketability for a wide variety of jobs.

Students in this department learn from a dedicated and experienced faculty. Our approach to education, which includes factors beyond chemical content such as personal faculty availability, independent research opportunities, etc., is in place to help students master chemistry by experiencing a broad spectrum of content exposure through examining the underpinnings of chemistry both in theory and in practical application.

Our department facilities are centered on a wide array of instrument ation for chemical analysis and includes techniques not often found in a predominantly undergraduate institution (PUI). We incorporate both tried and true methodologies and in addition are expanding to bring more novel technologies to our research labs.

Chemists work in varied fields such as material science, nanotechnology, molecular biology, education, environmental science and neuroscience to name but a few. Graduates from this department have advanced on to careers which include education, patent law, medicine, forensic science and biochemistry. Some enter fields directly and others by way of earning graduate degrees. Our students have been admitted to prestigious institutions around the country for graduate and post-doctoral work including Penn State, John Hopkins, Arizona, and Florida. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about what our department offers.

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