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Chemistry Degree Requirements


The advisor to all chemistry majors is Dr. Hoffmann (222 Smith Hall, Telephone 395-5587). If you are considering a major or minor in chemistry, make an appointment with Dr. Hoffmann to plan a program that meets your interests and needs.

You should declare your intent to complete a major or minor in chemistry as early as possible so you may be kept informed of curriculum changes that may affect you. Once you have declared a major in chemistry, you must meet with Dr. Hoffmann before each new semester to discuss your progress, to make changes to your tentative program which may be desirable, and to decide upon your academic program for the coming semester. Dr. Hoffmann will assist you in solving procedural problems and will answer specific questions pertaining to your program.

Advisement extends far beyond the formal student/ advisor contact. Once you have declared a major in chemistry, you should devote a portion of your time to exploring career options in chemistry and related fields. Visit the Center for Student Services to use career counseling, testing and placement services, or to browse through materials in the career library; attend chemistry seminars to meet professional chemists and to become familiar with their research interests; read Chemical and Engineering News and other American Chemical Society journals to get a sense for the wide variety of professional positions which will become available to you as a chemist; and attend the activities of the Chemistry Club to meet students who share your interests.

Finally, seek ways to interact informally with members of the chemistry faculty. Each is a valuable source of information regarding chemistry programs, employment opportunities, and opportunities for graduate study in his/her special areas of interest. Their advice, assistance and encouragement may be critical factors as you shape your academic program and your future.

General Degree Requirements

The Bachelors of Science Degree

The following requirements have been established for candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree. Of the final 30 semester hours, 24 must be completed on the Brockport campus, or in approved off-campus programs. You are referred to the current Undergraduate Catalog for a more thorough discussion of general degree requirements.

  1. Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours with a minimum earned academic average of 2.0. No more than 54 credits of courses designated CHM may be applied to this total.
  2. Completion of GEP100, Academic Planning Seminar.
  3. Completion of the College Composition requirement (3-9 credits): Each student will be placed in a communications skills course, ENL101, ENL102 or ENL112, appropriate to his/her background and level of preparation. All students are required to pass, with a minimum grade of “C,” the three-credit course, ENL112. However, students with superior high school records may be allowed to take a waiver exam to complete this requirement.
  4. Completion of the College Math requirement (3 credits): Each student will be placed in a quantitative skills course, MTH110, MTH111, or MTH112, or a higher level MTH course appropriate to his/her background and level of preparation. Students must satisfy this requirement by passing MTH112. Students who have a strong math background but lack exposure to statistics may place out of MTH112 but must demonstrate competence by passing an approved statistics course (CHM303, Analytical Chemistry I, satisfies this requirement). Students with strong math backgrounds including instruction in statistics are regarded as competent and have no further math requirement other than that required by his/her academic major.
  5. Completion of eight courses in the Knowledge Area. Each student is required to complete courses, selected from an approved list by General Education code letter, in each of the following areas:

  6. Fine Arts, 2 courses (F) and (P)
    Natural Sciences, 2 courses (N) and (L)
    Social Sciences, 1 course (S)
    Humanities, 1 course (H)
    Western Civilization, 1 course (G)
    American History, 1 course (V)

    At least one course must be a (P)erformance course.
    At least one course must be a (L)aboratory course.

    HST101, HST102, ENL165 or ENL166
    HST211 or HST212

  7. Students who complete the chemistry major will fulfill the Natural Science requirement with courses required for the major.
  8. Completion of GEP150, Computer Skills. Students must register for this course in their first semester at Brockport. The course is only completed when the student has passed the Computer Skills Competency Exam.
  9. Completion of a 111 course in Foreign Language. The student may be waived from this requirement if he/she has received an 85 or higher on a Regents Exam, AP Exam, or Exam for CLEP Credit or has earned placement in a higher-level language course by local exam.
  10. Completion, in your junior or senior year, of one contemporary issues course, designated (I or J).
  11. Completion of at least one course containing a unit on perspectives on women (W),completion of at least one course having a unit on other world civilizations (O), and completion of at least one course having a unit on diversity (D).
  12. Completion of a minimum of 48 upper-division credits (300- and 400- level courses).
  13. Completion of 60 credits of liberal arts courses (courses with the college catalog and course schedule suffix code letter "A".
  14. Completion of an academic major program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  15. Completion of a minimum of 12 credits of upper division courses in the major.

The Bachelors of Arts Degree

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree are the same as those for the Bachelor Science degree with two exceptions:

  1. You must complete 90 credits of liberal arts courses, instead of 60 credits.
  2. You must demonstrate competency in one foreign language at the level of FLT212.