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The ACS Chemistry Major

The American Chemical Society, through its Committee on Professional Training, establishes a professional standard for the undergraduate curriculum in chemistry. This committee also evaluates undergraduate programs, approves those departments which meet its standards, and certifies students who complete an approved major program in an approved chemistry department. The Committee on Professional Training added the Brockport Chemistry Department to its list of approved departments in April, 1972.

Students whose goal is employment as a professional chemist are advised to complete the program requirements of the American Chemical Society Certified Chemistry Major, t0x program approved by the Committee on Professional Training. Students who have completed this program are certified by the ACS and are eligible for immediate election to membership in the Society. The requirements for ACS certification are:

  1. Completion of the required courses of the chemistry major.

  2. Completion of:

  3. CHM341 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    CHM414 Instrumental Methods II
    CHM416 Instrumental Methods Laboratory
    CHM431 Inorganic Chemistry and
    CHM432 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

  4. Completion of one additional advanced laboratory course:

  5. CHM342 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory II or
    CHM470 Biochemistry Laboratory

  6. Completion of six credits of upper level chemistry electives. Three credits of electives may be satisfied by an advanced course in mathematics or physics for which calculus is a prerequisite or, by petition to the Chemistry Department, a relevant upper division course in another natural and mathematical science