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Your community college program should include courses which are equivalent to CHM205, CHM206, CHM305, CHM306, MTH201, MTH202, MTH203, PHS235 and PHS240 if you have made "normal progress" toward completion of a chemistry major in your first two years. If your transcript evaluation verifies normal progress, you may proceed as a normal, junior-level chemistry major at Brockport.

If your community college program is deficient in one or more aspects, please see our departmental advisor before you register for your first semester at Brockport. It may be possible to "tailor" your Brockport program to minimize the problem if the tailoring is done immediately. Any delay may result in one or more semesters of additional work at Brockport to complete your chemistry major.

If you feel that your deficiency is due to an incorrect evaluation of your community college transcript, please feel free to appeal the evaluation. However, you should note that community college chemistry courses which do not have prerequisites equal to those of Brockport courses (e.g.- biochemistry courses must have a prerequisite of one full year of organic chemistry, college physics courses must have Calculus I as a co-requisite and instrumental analysis courses must have a physical chemistry course as a prerequisite.) The courses must be taught with the same rigor to be judged equivalent; course prerequisites define the degree of rigor with which a course may be taught, as a first approximation.

Requests for evaluation or re-evaluation of your transferred courses for course equivalency should be addressed to the department chairperson.


The Faculty Senate of the SUNY College at Brockport has enacted a "residency requirement" for majors and minors to ensure that students given official recognition for a major or minor program have actually completed a significant portion of that program at the College at Brockport. These "residency requirements" apply to all students who matriculated in or after the Fall, 1994 term:

  1. to qualify for official recognition of an academic major by the College at Brockport, a student must complete at least 15 credits of the major program at the College at Brockport
  2. to qualify for official recognition of an academic minor by the College at Brockport, a student must complete at least half of the minor program (9 credits for chemistry) at the College at Brockport.

Appeals for exceptions to these requirements should first be referred to the Department of Chemistry for consideration. An exception may then be granted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the request of the student and with the recommendation of the department.