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Chemistry Department Faculty and Staff

Department of Chemistry
SUNY Brockport
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420-2971
Phone: (585)395-2182
FAX: (585)395-5805

Department Chair:
Stephen A. Godleski
223 Smith Hall
Phone: (585)395-5595
Chemistry Advisement:
Markus M. Hoffmann
222 Smith Hall
Phone: (585)395-5587
Biochemistry Advisement:
Joshua Blose
229 Smith Hall
Phone: (585)395-5875

Dept. Office:Karen Mogle
119 Smith Hall
Phone: (585)395-2182
FAX: (585)395-5805

Tenure-Track Faculty

Joshua M. Blose, PhD

Michael A. Brown, PhD
Analytical Chemistry

Stephen A. Godleski, PhD
Organic Chemistry

Mark P. Heitz, PhD
Analytical Chemistry

Markus M. Hoffmann, PhD
Physical Chemistry

Margaret E. Logan, PhD
Organic Chemistry

Carly Reed, PhD
Inorganic Chemistry

Brandy Sreenilayam, PhD

Instructional and Support Staff

Algernon T. Kelley, PhD
Lecturer and Laboratory Instructor
General Chemistry

Dawn M. Lee, MS
Physical Science Instructor and
Chemical Hygiene Coordinator for the Sciences

Elizabeth A. Gregory, MS
Laboratory Manager and
Chemical Safety Instructor

Karen Mogle
Department Secretary

Adjunct Faculty

Susan S. Collier, PhD
General Chemistry

Paul Milazzo, PhD
Analytical Chemistry

Volunteer Adjunct Faculty

Jack D. Fox, PhD
Magnetic Resonance


Thomas W. Kallen(2011)
K. Thomas Finley(2010)
J. Emory Morris(2009)
Ken Schlecht(2007)
Ms. Carolyn Greene (2004)
Mr. Don Wadsworth (2000)
Dr. John W. Bixler (1999)
Dr. Ingo Petersen (1995)
Dr. Armin Sommer (1992)
Dr. Kermit Schroeder (1991)

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