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Chemistry Faculty

Algernon T. Kelley

General / Analytical

Courses recently taught

Lecturer / Lab Instructor

Ph.D. '09, Louisiana State University

SUNY Brockport
Department of Chemistry
225 Smith Hall
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420
phone: (585) 395-2279
fax: (585) 395-5805

My primary research interest is pedagogical research, where my ultimate goal is to discover the best ways to advance current teaching methodologies in science courses in order to better accommodate students with learning disabilities. In addition, I would also like to design a teaching platform to be used by either instructors or tutors when working with students who have difficulties in processing materials taught in the typical classroom setting.

My scientific research interests include using various microscopy methods (i.e. AFM, SEM, and TEM) to gain insight into how the design of nanomaterials and their arrangement/orientation on surfaces influence their chemical properties. In addition, I also plan to continue exploring how green chemistry methods, such as microwave chemistry, can be used as a means to synthesize nanomaterials.

Representative Publications

Kelley, A. T.; Ngunjiri, J. N.; Lawrence, S. O.; Crowe, W.; Garno, J. C. “Effects of concentration when nanografting n-alkanethiols with thiol, hydroxyl, methyl or carboxylic acid head groups on Au(111) surfaces”, Langmuir 201026(5), 3040-3049.

Kelley A. T.; Alessie, P.; Fornalik, J.E.; Minter, J.; Bessey, P.G.; Garno, J.C.; Royster,T.L.; “Nanoscale Investigation and application of nanoparticle dispersions of pigment yellow 185 using organic solvents”, ACS Appl. Mater Interfaces, 2010 , 2(1), 61-68.

Tesfai, A.; Kelley, A. T.; Garno, J. C.; Warner, I. M. “Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Nanoparticles from Group of Uniform Materials Based on Organic Salts”, ACS Nano 2009, 3(10), 3244-3250.

Lewandowski, B. R.; Kelley, A. T.; Singleton, R.; Lowry, M.; Warner, I. M.; Garno J. C. “Nanostructures of Cysteine-Coated CdS Quantum Dots Produced by 'Two-Particle' Lithography”, J. Phys. Chem. C., 2009, 113(5), 5933-5940.