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Department of Chemistry

List of Department Equipment and Instrumentation

The Chemistry Department acquired a Bruker Avance 300 NMR instrument through external support from a National Science Foundation CCLI grant. The instrument was installed in June 2005. The instrument features include a variable temperature broadband probe with gradient capabilities and automatic tuning and matching, a 24-sample changer, and 25 Topspin processing software licenses installed in the Smith Hall computer lab.

As part of the funded CCLI proposal, a number of new and adapted laboratory experiments are currently being implemented into the chemistry curriculum. Students conducting undergraduate research with Drs. Logan and Hoffmann have direct exposure using the new NMR spectrometer. A 2-week short course was taught in the 2007 Winter session, where students received hands-on instruction on the instrument. They gained a deeper conceptual understanding of modern NMR experiments. Needless to say, the Chemistry faculty is excited about the positive impacts of the new instrument for student learning and undergraduate research. Reports are available for more details.

In the summer of 2006, Professor Heitz was awarded a National Science Foundation-Major Research Instruments (NSF-MRI) grant to purchase a picosecond lifetime upgrade to his steady-state fluorometer. The upgrade was installed in January 2007. Equipped with polarizers, the instrument is available for both lifetime and anisotropy measurements. The instrument is being used in both teaching and research applications.