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Independent Study in Chemistry

Do You:
  • Want to do get a taste of research experience?
  • Desire more hands-on experiences in the lab?
  • Get a better understanding of chemical principals?  
  • Desire to contribute to a common goal?
Then consider getting involved in research with a faculty member of the chemistry department. Faculty look forward to working on research projects with new students. You can register for CHM399, Independent Study in Chemistry, this coming Spring semester. And, in many instances students stay on to do research for at least 8 weeks in the summer. The department offers both internal and external funding to support summer research stipends.  Faculty enjoy various types of research activities and in the summer when we don’t teach, it’s our time to be really productive and have fun in the lab. You might wonder:

“What do I need to know to do research?”
We realize that this is a new venture and we desire to provide you with lab experiences beyond our regular course work. Rather than specific content knowledge, what we are really looking for are students who are self-motivated, have a great attitude and willingness to learn and do their best to move the research project forward

“But I am only a sophomore…”
That could actually be an advantage. If you start research as a sophomore and you indeed like the research project you could potentially continue for a total of a couple of years or more. In fact, there were even occasions in the past where students were recruited for a research project by the end of their freshmen year!

“So what do I need to do?
First, check out our website. Review the research project descriptions. See what interests you. Next, come to any of us and express your interest in doing research. (Really, we won’t bite, in fact we'd love to talk about our research ideas!) Finally, formally apply by December 1.

“How do I apply?”
Simply submit one signed and dated letter to our Undergraduate Research Coordinator Prof. Markus Hoffmann, Smith 222, by December 1st, stating
  • with which faculty members you have discussed the possibility of doing research.
  • your preference, if any, with which faculty mentor you would like to research.
  • Your preference, if any which project you would like to work on (a faculty member may have more than one on-going research project)
“Is that really that simple?”
Yes! Just make sure that really take the time to talk to us chemistry faculty about our research. That’s the most important part of getting involved! Stay in touch...

Research Projects offered by Profs.