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Department of Chemistry
Summer 2001 Research

From left to right, back: Dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Heitz, and Dr. Logan. middle: Lindsay Harrington. front: Jason Salter, Larry Ducady, Beth Christensen and Jason Tubbs.

Beth Christensen holding telluride based antioxidant samples she synthesized under the guidance of Dr. Logan.

Jason Salter is testing out an electronic high-pressure syringe pump needed for research with supercritical carbon dioxide.

The main portion of the variable volume high-pressure view-cell system Jason Salter put together to study phase behavior of supercritical carbon dioxide solvent systems.

Lindsay Harrington is acquiring data on the fluorescence spectrometer and Larry Ducady is reading background literature to better understand data analysis and to prepare for the next set of research experiments.

Lindsay Harrington at the computer interfaced data acquisition control for the fluorescence spectrometer.

Jason Tubbs acquiring proton T1-NMR data of an ionic liquid sample.