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Department of Chemistry
Summer Research 2002

From left to right, back: Jason Tubbs, Chris Woods, Dr. Markus Hoffmann. front: Dr. Maggie Logan, Stacy Morrill, Andrea Topolnycky, Amanda Sturdevant, Nichole Bushie. Missing: Jason Carr, Dr. Mark Heitz.

"Probing Solvation and Reaction in Supercritical Fluids." - Amanda Sturdevant (Dr. Mark Heitz, advisor)

"Bringing Two Environmentally Friendly Solvents Together: Ionic Liquids and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide." - Jason Carr and Jason Tubbs (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)

"An Electron Spin Resonance Study of Aqueous Surfactant Systems." - Chris Woods (Dr. Markus Hoffmann, advisor)

"The Synthesis and Evaluation of Electron-rich Diaryl Tellurides as Antioxidants." - Andrea Topolnycky and Stacy Morrill (Dr. Maggie Logan, advisor)