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Chemistry Seminars

October 17, 2013
Room 114, Smith Hall 12:30 p.m.

*Pre-seminar reception at 12:15 p.m.

Brandy Sreenilayam

SUNY Brockport, Chemistry Department
Brockport, NY

Purification of the Protein LGN and Protein Crystallography

LGN protein is important for mammalian cellular division, playing a significant role in cell polarity and alignment of the mitotic spindles. Furthermore, LGN is found in high concentrations in certain cancer cells, and determining the structure may lead to the development of pharmacological treatments to slow the onset or spread. The immediate goal is to develop a purification scheme for LGN, with a long term goal of obtaining a crystal structure(s). For purification, LGN is expressed in E. coli and is purified using various forms of chromatography, separating proteins based on tag, charge, and molecular weight. Once LGN is ~ 95% pure, it will be crystallized and the three-dimensional structure of LGN will be determined using various crystallographic software programs.