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Alex Lyon

Associate Professor


Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder

M.A. California State University Northridge

B.A. Rhode Island College

Area(s) of Specialty:

Organizational Communication

Recent Publications:

Lyon, A. (March 8, 2013). For leaders, transparency takes courage. Rochester Business Journal.

Lyon, A. (October 5, 2012). Business leaders should beware of "common sense." Rochester Business Journal, p. 42.

Lyon, A., & Ricci, M. (2012). The Case of Wyeth, DesignWrite, and Premarin: The Ethics of Ghostwriting Medical Journal Articles. In Steve May (Ed.) Case Studies in Organizational Communication: Ethical Perspectives and Practices (2nd edition), pp. 197-206. Thousand Oaks: CA: Sage.

Lyon, A. (December 9, 2011). Learn to share negative customer feedback wisely. Rochester Business Journal, p. 38.

Lyon, A., & Mirivel, J.C. (2011). The ethics of pharmaceutical sales talk. Communication Currents, 6 (2).

Lyon, Alexander & Mirivel, Julien. (2011). Reconstructing Merck’s Practical Theory of Communication: The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Sales Representative-Physician Encounters. Communication Monographs, 78, 53-72. 

Lyon, Alexander, & Mirivel, Julien. (2010). The Imperative of Ethical Communication Standards in an Era of Commercialized Medicine. Management Communication Quarterly.

Lyon, Alexander, & Chesebro, Joseph (2010). The Politics of Knowledge: A Critical Perspective on Organizational Knowledge. In Heather Canary & Robert McPhee (Eds.), Communication and Organizational Knowledge: Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice. NY: Routledge.

Lyon, A. & Ulmer, Robert R. (2009). Ethics in “Big Pharma”: Communicating the Risks of Medicine. In Case Studies for Organizational Communication (3rd ed.). Joann Keyton & Pam Shockley-Zalabak Eds. Los Angeles: Roxbury.

Lyon, A. (2008). The Mis/recognition of Enron Executives’ Competence as Cultural and Social Capital. Communication Studies, 59, 371-387.

Lyon, A. (2007). "Putting Patients First": Systematically Distorted Communication and Merck's Marketing of Vioxx. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 35, 376-398.

Lyon, A. (2006). The Difficulties of Virtual Leaders. In J. Keyton & P. Shockley-Zalabak (Eds.), Case Studies for Organizational Communication: Understanding Communication Processes. Oxford University Press.

Lyon, A. (2005). 'Intellectual Capital' and Struggles over the Perceived Value of Members' Expert Knowledge in a Knowledge-Intensive Organization. Western Journal of Communication, 69, 251-271.

Lyon, A. (2004). Participants' Use of Cultural Knowledge as Cultural Capital in a Dot-com Start-up Organization. Management Communication Quarterly, 18, 175-203.

Deetz, S., Grim, A & Lyon, A. (2003). Communicative praxis and collective decision making. In R. E. Ramsey & D. Miller (eds.), Experiences between philosophy and communication: Engaging the philosophical contributions of Calvin O. Schrag (pp. 55-72). Albany: State University of New York Press.


2009 "Top Paper" award for NCA’s Organizational Communication Division. Co-authored with Julien Mirivel.

2006 "Top Four Paper" award for the Western Communication Association’s Organizational Communication Interest Group.

Research Interests: Culture, Power, Social, Cultural, and Intellectual Capital
Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Office: 229 Holmes
Phone: (585) 395-5772

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