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Student Website Examples

CMC 327 Fall 2009

Leah Ball

Student built this site for her sister's ceramic business. On the Gallery page, click on individual photos to see a larger image of the work.

web page preview

Heather Dougherty

Student built her site for the Brockport Emeralds Dance Team.

web page preview

Nora Hicks

This personal site showcases this student's journalism and design skills.

web page preview

Emily Neimanis

Student built this site to showcase her broadcasting talents.

web page preview

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Where are our alumni now?

Lisa Eicholzer '83
WPLY Albany, NY

Tom Duff '72
WNBC, New York, NY

Marty Duda '78
Flipside Productions, New Zealand

Michael Doyle '80
Regional President, Entercom Radio

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