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CMST Challenge

The CMST Challenge offers teachers and students the opportunity to compete in a collaborative setting, using computer modeling software to solve real world problems.

Part 1: A Project-based Competition

Beginners Group (those with a single summer participation):

Teams are comprised of two teachers and two to four students working on a single project together.

Advanced Group (those with two or more summer participation):

CMST Teachers in the Advanced Group are expected to involve a whole classroom in a team project or individual ones. More than one teacher can team up.

Teams are to:

  • Select a topic of interest relevant to the curriculum
  • Identify the specific problem(s) to be investigated
  • Research the issue/gather data
  • Choose software package from Stella, AgentSheets or Interactive Physics
  • Construct a computer simulation model
  • Use the simulation to solve the problem(s), draw conclusions, make predictions

Project must include:

  • A clear statement of the problem
  • A paragraph description of the project
  • A paragraph justification for modeling software used
  • 2-3 page paper that includes:
    • group planning and decision making procedures
    • division of labor
    • design and execution of tasks
    • problems encountered
    • evaluation of results
    • summary of experience
  • Poster presentation
  • Electronic demo of project

Projects will be judged at two levels (Jr. High and Sr. High) on:

  • Alignment with course curriculum
  • Use of modeling software
  • Originality
  • Presentation of and finished project

Part 2: TI-83+ Triathlon

A fun, fast paced competition for students to show off their graphing calculator skills and bring glory and honor to their schools…

Competition includes: team activities, individual questions and a relay race.

Teams of three to five students.