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Computational Math, Science, and Technology (CMST) InstituteCoaching

Coaching provides continuing professional development and support for teachers who participated in the CMST Summer Institute.

Goals of the CMST Coaching

  • Goals of Coaching explained.Provide follow-up for the Summer Institute
  • Provide support for CMST Challenge team projects
  • Help CMST Teachers with content, pedagogy, materials and strategies
  • Provide a mechanism for interaction between CMST Teachers in their home districts
  • Provide interaction between CMST Teachers and the CMST Faculty
  • Provide interaction between CMST Teachers and Coaches from neighboring partnering districts
  • Promote awareness of NCTM, NSTA and NCATE standards
  • Promote curriculum alignment with state standards
  • Provide technical support to CMST teachers on hardware/software issues

CMST Coaching activity plan.PI to meet school representatives (monthly)
College faculty meet (biweekly)
College faculty to meet CMST Coaches and Teachers (quarterly)
Reciprocal classrooms visits (once a year)
CMST Coaches to meet CMST Teachers regularly
CMST Coaches to meet other CMST District Coaches (monthly)
CMST Teachers to meet partner teachers as needed
CMST Teachers to meet Challenge students as needed
CMST Teachers to log on to the ListServ regularly
Annual reports from CMST Teachers, Coaches and college faculty

Benefits for CMST Coaches

  • Get a stipend ($500 per CMST Teacher coached) during the academic year
  • Receive additional training in math, science and technology
  • Receive calculator training
  • Receive educational software and technical assistant
  • Receive coaching from college faculty on CMST tools
  • Opportunities to interact with CMST Coaches and Teachers from other districts
  • Opportunity to win travel support for national conferences


Coaching Responsibilities

  • Dr. Tahar coaching.Attend CMST Summer Institute
  • Keep a log of all coaching activities
  • Meet with CMST Teachers regularly
  • Meet with the Mentor Coordinator (twice a year)
  • Meet with other CMST Coaches and Teachers from districts and the college (quarterly)
  • Provide understanding of project expectations
  • Technical support to CMST Teachers on hardware/software issues
  • Support CMST Teachers on curriculum, content, pedagogy and strategies
  • Visit CMST teacher's classroom and log 3 observations throughout 1 school year
  • Schedule a visit for the CMST Teacher to see a classroom demonstration
  • Help the CMST Teacher provide a portfolio (as part of annual report) of modeling and technology use in the classroom by students
  • Assist and educate CMST Teachers about professional expectations by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Perform tasks assigned by the Mentor Coordinator
  • Report on "the activity of the month" on the listserv

Qualifications expected from CMST Coaches

  • Attendance in CMST Summer Institute
  • Ability and willingness to give time, energy and support to teachers
  • Experience with use of technology in the classroom
  • Excellent content/grade level knowledge
  • Demonstrated capacity for professional reflection
  • Confidence to encourage the CMST Teachers to take risks and grow
  • Demonstrated instructional leadership within their discipline