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Higher Education

SUNY Brockport is among the few institutions that require students to complete an academic major in a specific discipline in order to receive the corresponding provisional teacher certification. The college has integrated programs for mathematicians and scientists to improve their problem-solving (math and computer) skills as well as their exposure to content areas where such skills are needed in inquiry-based science. An advantage to students at SUNY Brockport is that they can declare more than one major and are able to complete their studies in multiple areas within 4-5 years after high school. We provide scholarships and combined BS/MS options to promote a comprehensive education in CMST as early as the undergraduate years (juniors and seniors). Assistance from the college and the partnering school districts will be available in terms of job placement or continuing education.

Scholarship Program
  • Promote teacher quality
  • Increase teacher retention rate

CPS Program
  • Offers CMST based education
  • BS
  • MS