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CMST Director Osman Ya$ar.Welcome to the CMST Institute Web Site:

Dear Reader,

Whatever your reason is to visit our Web site, I hope that you will come back time and time again to follow up with our many activities involving professional development for faculty and school teachers, technology education tools, links to relevant materials, student success stories, lesson plans, ideas for projects, examples of innovative curriculum and new courses, and the impact of our integrated technology approach to math and science education.

A computational technology approach to math and science education has many advantages. You will read in these pages a description for CMST pedagogy, which is learner-centered, project-space and team-oriented as well as inquiry-based, constructivist, and a layered approach. It introduces science in a general way through controllable experiments/simulations and it offers more in-depth knowledge as students build interest in the underlying rules of mathematics and science.

In this Web site, you will also discover the type of activities and opportunities we offer for college faculty, school teachers and students in higher education and public schools. I encourage you to apply for one of the activities we offer, particularly CMST scholarships, course offerings and our summer training.

In today's world, human knowledge is doubling every two years and we create enough information every year to fill as many hard disks as the number of human beings on the planet. Today's jobs require multiple skills, and employers look for individuals with diverse backgrounds. They want to save by hiring fewer people. Companies change products and services every 2-3 years. Who can be more suitable than someone with an integrated education in math, computing and sciences?

I want to thank the National Science Foundation's Math and Science Partnership program for supporting the CMST Institute. Special thanks also to partnering institutions, including Rochester City and Brighton Central School Districts.


Osman Yaşar
Director, CMST Institute