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Institute for Computational Math, Science, and Technology (CMST)

Our overall goal is to improve math, science and technology education at all core-partnering institutions in the Rochester area. Institutions of higher education in the area are demanding better students from local public schools. In return, public schools are demanding better teachers. Our project targets a strong partnership between more effective institutions of higher education and secondary schools. It also seeks a partnership among math, science, technology and education facilities within each partnering institution. We focus on Monroe County School Systems, Rochester City School Districts, Brighton City School Districts, and SUNY Brockport.


  1. Improve student outcomes in math and science at grades 7-12 in RCSD and BCSD through an integrated technology approach to math and science education.

  2. Increase retention of high quality math, science and technology (MST) teachers through professional development (workshops, year-long coaching and graduate education).

  3. Increase the number of students majoring or seeking teacher certifications in MST programs at SUNY Brockport through scholarships and internships.

  4. Strengthen relationship with the local industry such as Xerox Corporation through internships to MST students.

  5. Foster collaboration between industry such as Texas Instruments through use of new instructional technology.

  6. Promote collaboration between national programs and organizations funded by NSF and DOE (through dissemination, building evidence, and sharing results and training materials).