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College Senate

Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee


Timothy Stoller
Committee Chair

Delta College


Committee Description

Article VI: Standing Committees of the Senate

Section G: Committee on Faculty and Professional Staff Policies

  1. Membership: Shall include at least two (2) teaching faculty and two (2) professional staff.
  2. Purpose: This Committee shall act for the Senate in the continuing study and review of all aspects of the College environment that affect the ability of the faculty and professional staff to operate effectively. This Committee shall also recommend policy and procedures to implement the consultation required under the POLICIES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES on personnel actions. Specifically, the Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on such concerns as:
    1. Academic freedom
    2. Appointments, promotion and tenure
    3. Faculty and professional staff development and evaluation
    4. Faculty workload
    5. Full and equal employment opportunity practices
    6. Improvements to buildings and grounds to increase the quality of campus life
    7. Improvements to academic settings to enhance instruction and learning
    8. Professional conduct
    9. Review of research policies and procedures including efforts at procurement of outside sponsored research funds and the development of a favorable and equitable research climate
    10. Services in support of academic programs

Committee Members:

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