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Brockport / College Senate / Committiees / General Education Curriculum

College Senate

General Education Curriculum and Policies Committee


Robert Baker

Department of English
585-395-2391 (fax)


All General Education proposals must be submitted to Debbie Lamphron, Office of the Vice Provost.
Do not send your proposal directly to this committee.
Follow the General Education instructions on the How to Submit a Proposal page.

Committee Description

Article VI: Standing Committees of the Senate

Section K: Committee on General Education Curriculum and Policies

  1. Membership: At least one-half (1/2) the membership of this Committee shall be teaching faculty, including at least two (2) members from each of the three (3) Schools of the College. This Committee shall be chaired by a teaching faculty member. The General Education Program administrator shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Committee, but shall not chair the Committee.
  2. Purpose: This Committee shall act for the Senate in the continuing oversight of all aspects of the General Education Program and make recommendations for maintaining the quality of General Education at Brockport. Its responsibilities shall include reviewing and approving GEP courses, and making recommendations to the Senate on such concerns as:
    1. GEP course registration procedures
    2. Creation and review of GEP implementation policies
    3. Evaluation on a cyclical basis of all GEP components and the Program as a whole.


Committee Members:

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