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Brockport / College Senate / Elections & Calendar

College Senate

Elections & Calendar

Elections are held in the spring semester. Terms of office begin and end with the last meeting in May.

Nomination Petition

President of the College Senate:
serves a three-year commitment under the following terms, e.g.:

  • president-elect 2014-2015
    • becomes president 2015-2016
    • becomes past-president 2016-2017

Of the six Senator-at-Large positions, one is a part-time teaching or non-teaching professional. Each serves a two-year commitment, with three elected every year. The next part-timer elections will take place:

  • 2014-2016
  • 2016-2018

University Senator/ Alternate University Senator:
The two University Senators serve three-year commitments to represent the College state-wide and are elected at the end of the terms. See the University Senate page. The current terms are:

  • 2012-2015
  • 2013-2016

University Senate Website –

College Senator and Alternate:
The Unit/Departmental Senator and Alternate represent each SUNY Brockport unit or department and serve two-year commitments with a term limit of three consecutive terms. Units of representation to elect senators and alternates are announced at the first Senate meeting each spring semester by the Senate President-elect. Individual units elect their own representatives. Call for elections to department chairs comes from the Senate President-elect in March. Half of the College Senate is elected each year.

The Recording Secretary of the College Senate serves a one-year term and is elected at the last Senate meeting for the next year's term. This can be a non-senator with non-voting privileges.

The Parliamentarian serves a one-year term and is appointed by the new President at the last Senate meeting for the next year's term. This is a non-voting position held by a non-senator.

Standing Committee Designations for Senators last for one year. Each senator submits a list of three preferences to the Senate President-elect. Final appointments are determined by the Senate Executive Committee.

Standing Committee Chair Designations last for one year and are appointed by the Senate President and President-elect.

Bylaws Revisions occur every three years. A Bylaws ad hoc committee is formed in the spring of the last academic year the Bylaws is in affect. Bylaws are posted to the Web.

Bylaws years:

  • May 2013 - May 2016
  • May 2016- May 2019

Bylaws Page

2012-2013 Calendar of Events August

College Senate in Session For agenda and minutes got to: (Web)

Senate--> Year--> Agenda and Minutes

September - February
All proposals to be submitted to Senate office following guidelines on our "How to Submit a Proposal" page - the deadline is February 28th - proposals received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed to be reviewed due to insufficient time-frame.
  • Holiday social at last meeting of the semester
  • Senate is on winter break starting finals week till the start of school in January
  • Senate Office closes for College holiday shut-down only
President-elect announces changes (if any) in units of representation for upcoming Senator and Alternate elections
Call for nominations
*President-elect 2014-15
*3 Senators-at-Large 2014-2016
Check the Bylaws for eligibility of candidates and voting faculty.
  • Nomination petitions are due at the College Senate Office.
  • All proposals are due to be submitted to the College Senate office for review.
  • Faculty-at-Large "Meet the Candidates" - ballots mailed at the beginning of the month.
  • Unit Senator elections take place within the departments.
  • Ballots due at Senate Office one week after Faculty-at-Large "Meet the Candidates" Senate meeting.
  • Election results are announced at the last Senate meeting of the month.
  • Senator committee choices for next year are due at Senate Office.

  • Executive Committee and President-elect finalize standing committee chair appointments and membership lists.
  • Final Senate meeting for the year. All newly elected Senators are encouraged to attend.
  • President-elect installed as Senate President, committee chairs confirmed, parliamentarian appointed and recording secretary elected/confirmed.
  • Social gathering immediately following the meeting to welcome newly elected Senators.