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The following links are sorted alphabetically by their title. Use the alphabet below to move quickly to the section you desire to browse. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us at 585-395-2586 or


Ad Hoc Committee Report on Enrollment Caps


Attendance Sign-in Form for Senate Meetings

Bylaws of the College Senate

Committee Choice Forms

– All College Senators are required to be members of one of the Senate Standing Committees. Fill out this form and return it to the Senate office by the end of March.

Course Schedule Time Block Proposal - see approved resolutions

  • Referendum for discussion at the Faculty-at-Large meeting on January 31, 2011, 3:45 PM, 105 Edwards
  • #06_10-11GC/UC Modification of the Existing Course Schedule Time Blocks
    • Includes original proposed resolution
    • Letter of support from Provost Huot
    • Academic Affairs Task Force on Course Scheduling Final Report
    • Letter from School of Science and Mathematics supporting the 60/85/15 option
    • Letter from department chairs & program directors supporting the 50/75/15 option
  • #21_10-11EC Ad Hoc Committee on Scheduling Resolution
    • Includes the charge to the ad hoc committee
    • Recommendation of the ad hoc committee
  • #22_10-11EC Ad Hoc Committee on Scheduling Recommendation for Debate and Straw Poll
    • Includes recommendation for debate and straw poll of three course schedule options
      • 60/90/15 - the current schedule
      • 50/75/15(b)
      • 60/85/15(b)

Data Security

– click this link for the article published in the Democrat and Chronicle concerning the theft of student data, or click on .pdf to see article. Also, click on College policy to familiarize yourself with our data security policy.

General Education Program

Streamlining General Education Report

Graduate Studies Division Enrollment Update, November 2004

Log of Senate Committee Action 2012-2013 - all

Log of Senate Committee Action 2011-2012 - all

Log of Senate Committee Action 2010-2011 - all

Log of Senate Committee Action 2009-2010 - all

Log of Senate Committee Action 2008-2009 - all

Log of Senate Committee Action 2007-2008 - all


Mission Review II

Nomination Petition Form

- Consider running for a College Senate office. Elections are held each spring. Petitions are due at the Senate office by the end of February. Elected positions: President-elect, University Senator, Senator-at-Large.

Organizational Chart of the College Senate

Proposal Cover Form

- This form is required for every proposal submitted to the College Senate for review. Email the entire proposal to before the February 28th deadline. Proposals received after the deadline might not be acted upon due to lack of sufficient time for review prior to the last Senate meeting in May.

Release Time and Stipends for Senate President

Faculty who are elected College Senate President receive release time for one course per semester. Their home department receives finances in the fall to hire an adjunct to teach the two courses. Faculty also receive a summer stipend which is paid through the summer sessions payroll. Non-teaching professionals elected to the College Senate receive release time comparable to that given to faculty and their department receives financial support to hire additional staff as well.

Senate Workflow Chart

Senator Roster

Strategic Plan

Unit Senator Election and Committee Choice Forms

– Unit election results and Senator committee choices are due at the Senate office by the end of March.

Units of Representation and Terms of Service

University Faculty Senate Website - Albany

Volunteer Form for Senate Committees

Workflow Chart

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