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College Senate

President's Desk

College Senate Presidents: Present, Past, and Elect


P. Gibson Ralph
Theatre and Music Studies
Senate President 2014-15


Dr.Dawn Jones
Senate President 2013-14

Dr. Mark Chadsey
Political Science &
International Studies
Senate President 2012-13

Dr. John Daly
Senate President 2011-12

Dr. Jose R. Torre
Senate President 2010-11

Mr. Steven B. Lewis
Webmaster and Information Security Officer
Senate President 2009-10

Dr. Thambrahalli M. Rao
Computer Science
Senate President 2008-09

Dr. P. Gibson Ralph
Senate President 2007-08,2014-2015

Dr. Jeffrey Lashbrook
Senate President 2006-07

Dr. Mark Noll
Earth Science
Senate President 2005-06

Dr. Dawn Jones
Senate President 2004-05
Dr. Kenneth O'Brien
History, Honors Program
Senate President
2002-04, 1984-85
Dr. Jennifer Lloyd
Women's Studies
Senate President 2000-02
      • 1998-00 Thomas P. Bonner, Biological Sciences
      • 1996-98 Anne H. Parsons, Academic Computing
      • 1994-96 Roger Weir, Advisement and Counseling
      • 1993-94 David Jewell, Recreation and Leisure
      • 1992-93 William Stier, Physical Education and Sport
      • 1991-92 Edward VanDuzer, Business Administration
      • 1990-91 Thomas Kallen, Chemistry
      • 1989-90 Diane Elliott, Nursing
      • 1988-89 Lynn Parsons, History
      • 1987-88 Richard Frey, Criminal Justice
      • 1986-87 Roger Weir, Advisement and Counseling
      • 1985-86 H. Jayne Vogan, Counselor Education
      • 1984-85 Kenneth O'Brien, History
      • 1983-84 Morris Beers, Education and Human Development
      • 1982-83 Billy Reed, Communication
      • 1981-82 Ginny Studer, Physical Education
      • 1980-81 Lynn Parsons, History
      • 1979-80 Robert Kemmerling, Counseling Center
      • 1978-79 Charles Jenkins, Educational Administration
      • 1977-78 Harold Greenstein, Philosophy
      • 1976-77 Martilu Puthoff, Physical Education
      • 1975-76 William Rock, Educational Administration
      • 1974-75 Ara Zulalian, Health Science
      • 1973-74 Henry L. Bretton, Political Science
      • 1972-73 Jeanette D'Agostino, Curriculum and Instruction
      • 1971-72 Robert S. Getz, Political Science
      • 1970-71 Philip C. Hewitt, Earth Sciences
      • 1969-70 C. Stuart Dube, III, Psychology
      • 1968-69 Henry Gould, Biological Sciences
                      W. Wayne Dedman, History
      • 1967-68 Ambrose L. Corcoran, Art
      • 1966-67 Armand Burke, English
      • 1965-66 Edward O. Stephany, Mathematics
      • 1964-65 Donald J. McWherter, Political Science
      • 1963-64 Richard Elton, Continuing Education

    Release Time and Stipends for College Senate Presidents:
    Faculty who are elected College Senate President receive half-time release (either: 1 release fall/2 release spring OR 2 release fall/ 1 release spring). Their home department receives finances in the fall to hire an adjunct to teach the courses. Faculty who are not twelve month employees also receive a summer stipend which is paid through the summer sessions payroll. Non-teaching professionals elected to the College Senate receive release time comparable to that given to faculty and their department receives financial support to hire additional staff as well.

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