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"The Space" for Officers


Benefits of registration include:

  • Use of the College name, services, equipment and facilities according to outlined policies and procedures.
  • Affiliation with The College at Brockport as an official registered student organization (see College’s Affiliation Policy)
  • The ability to use the myBROCKPORT system.
  • Permission to submit room reservation forms, tabling forms, and fundraising forms in compliance with the Campus Events policies.
  • Permission to advertise on campus in compliance with the Posting policy. Each registered organization will have various listing opportunities in promotion and publication of their organization.
  • The ability for officers to participation in the Student Organization Leader certificate.
  • The ability to utilize the resources and services provided in The Space: Student Organization Resource Center.
  • Permission to participate in campus events, such as Club Craze, to promote your organization.

The Space's Resources:

  • All officers are invited to join our online community on myBROCKPORT called "The Space" for Officers. This will be a great space for officers to communicate with each other, share ideas, ask questions, RSVP for upcoming events and find resources.
  • Send us your ideas on workshops and resources we can provide for you.
  • Stop by The Space (B105 Union) to ask questions, utilize resources, or check in with our office.
  • Follow us on Facebook: myBROCKPORT and Brockport'sTheSpace
  • Follow us on Twitter: myBROCKPORT

Leadership Resources:

  • Leadership Development Program
  • Organization Leader Certificate (OLC) - specifically designed for officers
    • The Organization Leader Certificate provides professional development to club and organization leaders.  This certificate is based on the Student Leadership Challenge.
      As a result of the Organization Leader Certificate, students will
      1. Examine personal values and evaluate how their actions are congruent with their beliefs (model the way)
      2. Develop clear goals and establish meaningful ways to assess the achievement of these objectives (inspire a shared vision)
      3. Experiment with innovative approaches to challenges faced by their organization (challenge the process)
      4. Design opportunities that will engage others in the success of their organization (enable others to act)
      5. Value and actively recognize the contributions of others (encourage the heart)

Policy Links: