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College Office Support Advisory Committee

RSVP Here:   May 3, COSAC's Annual Appreciation Luncheon!

Annual Luncheon 2016

COSAC Scholarship Recipient

The recipient of the 2016 COSAC Scholarship is Michael Eldred!  Congratulations to Michael!

COSAC Scholarship Event

Thank you for making the COSAC Scholarship Wine and Cheese Pairing/Raffle Fundraiser Event a Success!   

Susan Osher in Undergraduate Admissions was the winner of the getaway raffle at Salvatore’s Garden Place Hotel in Buffalo. We raised over $700.00 toward the COSAC Scholarship!

The COSAC Committee would especially like to thank Gian Carlo Cervone for his donation of talent.



Microsoft Certification Opportunity

The College at Brockport office support staff has the opportunity to get certified in Microsoft Office 2013!   We have partnered with Rochester EOC ATTAIN Lab for this special opportunity! 

Have you been interested to getting more in-depth training?  Here’s your opportunity!  Each component takes approximately 6 weeks to complete (approx. 3 on-line courses per week)  It does take effort on your part to push yourself to complete this.  However, if it takes you a little longer to complete, that is fine.  At the end of the course, a practice exam is given.   If you earn a high enough grade, you will be given a voucher (no cost for us!) to take the exam at REOC ATTAIN Lab.  Once passed, the candidate will receive an official digital certificate.  Please contact Sandy Mullin to get started.

  • No cost for you for course or for exam
  • Work on-line at your own pace
  • Work at your desk with supervisors’ approval
  • Work at home
  • Certification in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook
  • Select one or more areas

NYS & CSEA Partnership Training Opportunities


Sunshine Requests


COSAC Committee:

Sandy Mullin, President, School of Education & Human Services, x2510
Lisa Noreck, Secretary, Computer Science, x2146
Mary Derleth, Sunshine, School of Business Administration and Economics, x2985
Melissa Furness, Development Office, x2667
Cherise Oakley, Vice-President, Accountability and Assessment, x5972
Dawn Schmidt, Development Office, x5227
JoAnn Sigler, Sociology and African & African American Studies, x2619
Pam Turner, School of Health and Human Performance, x2350
Susan Vasquez, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, x5806

Please e-mail COSAC with suggestions and comments!

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The History of COSAC

COSAC was established in the 1984 by President Emeritus John E. Van de Wetering in order to provide a response to the unique concerns of office support staff. COSAC’s primary responsibilities are to provide suggestions for communication and morale improvement, make suggestions for in-service training, and coordinate functions and social gatherings to bridge communication gaps among various areas on campus. Members of the committee are representatives of the office support staff across campus…we try to have at least one person from each vice presidential division, including BASC and the EOC, serving on the committee. COSAC is well known and respected as a valuable campus organization. Members serve on various campus committees and provide input for campus activities, publications, etc. If you have any questions about COSAC or if you’re interested in serving on the Committee, feel free to contact any member of the Committee.

Last Updated 4/14/16