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Computational Science Department at The College at Brockport, State University
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computational Science is to offer a multi-disciplinary education that will prepare our students for the multi-skilled workforce of the information age. The theme of our discipline is computation and its applications in science, engineering, industry, and business.

Our intent is to stay at the forefront of curriculum development in undergraduate computational science education. We expect professors and students at all levels (undergraduate and graduate) to work together in a diverse computational sciences framework — from the science of computing to the sciences of nature.

Our aim is to provide students with a background in the core areas of computational tools, programming languages, applied mathematics, simulation and modeling, visualization, computational applications, and technical communication skills. Students will be able to apply these skills in academic, industrial and government laboratory settings to both solve real world technological problems and to foster the growth of the field of computational science.

The incredible growth in the information technology sector promises many exciting opportunities for those with computational expertise. Our department's dedication to high quality teaching, research, service and lifelong learning will lead our students into productive citizenship, rewarding professional careers and satisfying personal lives. Our leadership in multi-disciplinary curriculum development is an important experience for the institution as a whole, as such programs will be very common in the 21st century.